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Let's Encrypt to the website plus HTTPS full guide Certbot

Let's Encrypt to website plus HTTPS full guide 2016A period of time in the Beijing Unicom 3G Mobile network, found that their site was unicom hijacked injected into the disgusting charge of the phone, decided to let my website forced use of HTTPS,

Using let's Encrypt for free SSL Certs with Netscaler

Using let's Encrypt for free SSL Certs with NetscalerIf you haven ' t heard, let's Encrypt ( has it free and the open CA service up and running and publ IC Beta.That's means right now, and you can go to get yourself free SSL

Actual combat SSL for free tool quickly installs let's encrypt SSL security certificate

As early as two years ago, Google search engine guide on the proposed if the site is an HTTPS URL (installation of SSL security certificate) in a certain condition factors will be the site's weight and ranking has a certain positive effect. In the

On the essential of the encryption of the front-end information (to encrypt, how to encrypt)

I. Preamble   Recently, I have focused on the web-side login, the transmission of data encryption scenarios. Found some interesting things. An Internet finance company programmer to do login verification, first to a MD5 encryption, and then proudly

PHP/Java to encrypt website addresses-fundamentally solve connection piracy

Website anti-image and other content leeching methods are diverse, the most common method is to identify the access source through HTTP access header information. Readers of TCP/IP contacts know that because HTTP header information is processed at

Deploy let's encrypt free SSL certificate && auto-Renew

Recently the company website to use HTTPS, from their own groping to find the domestic free certificate to purchase a formal fee certificate, finally the boss said: too expensive. No. A face to listen to the boss said let ' s encrypt certificate, no

"HTTP to https" two: request let's encrypt issue SSL certificate

Article: Tiele CatJanuary 12, 2017Request let's encrypt issue SSL certificateThe service is provided by ISRG (Internet Security Research Group), a ISRG from a nonprofit organization in the state of California, USA. Let's Encrypt is supported by many

Analyze how webpage Trojans encrypt code to avoid killing

With the popularity of webpage Trojans, anti-virus software has begun to focus on various webpage Trojans, which makes many hackers very angry. However, hackers quickly found a way to solve the problem, which is to encrypt the Trojan-infected

Encrypt information in the website configuration file

You do not need to write anyCodeAnd you do not need to modify any code. You only need to use the aspnet_regiis tool to modify the configuration file.For example, the following configuration file needs to be encrypted:Integrated Security = sspi;

URL short address compression algorithm-short URL mapping __ algorithm

Microblog short Address principle parsing (Java implementation) one way to do this is to invoke a third-party interface that provides a short-address service to generate. Generally they provide interfaces or call packages. Such as: How to call

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