how to export database in xampp

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An error occurred while accessing the xampp database!

The local drive C and drive D both have an xampp. I copied the data from xamppmysqldata under drive C to the same location as the xampp on drive D. An error occurred while accessing the database table! Unable to save recently used tables! 1932 the

XAMPP New Database + database Import Export __ Database

Implementation function: XAMPP The new database and use SQLyog to access the query. New database: Prerequisite: Successful launch of XAMPP Apache and MySQL service. Operation steps: Click the admin button after MySQL to enter the Web page to

MySQL Export data

A, select * from Black_list1 into outfile "D:/1234.txt";Mysql> SELECT * from Black_list1 to outfile "D:/1234.txt"; Query OK, 790913 rows affected (4.49 sec)Results:Mysql> SELECT * from Black_list1 to outfile "D:/12345.txt" Fields terminated by ","

PHP for backing up the database zip and export _php tutorial

Often in some of the PHP open source system, see the backup database and export methods, in fact, the code is not complex, the following About the following, take windows as an example, two kinds of methods, one is the directory folder to execute

Php-based backup database ZIP and export-PHP Tutorial

Use php to ZIP and export the backup database. In some open-source PHP systems, we often see Methods for backing up and exporting databases. In fact, the code is not complicated. The following describes the two methods, taking WINDOWS as an example,

Day Rabbit (Lepus) database monitoring System rapid installation and deployment

Day Rabbit (Lepus) database monitoring System InstallationActual combatPart1: written in the firstLepus installation needs lamp environment, lamp environment installation personally think more laborious, xampp one key deployment lamp environment

Basic operation and understanding of MySQL database

To use a database: Link MySQL server Select Database Increase and deletion of data sheets Close the database ExitQuitExit\qCommon operations\c Cancel the unfinished operation.\g instead of TerminatorDatabase operations:Show

Graphics and text tutorial on wordpress installation configuration in Windows system

  One WordPress Installation I use XAMPP (apache+mysql+php), WordPress (blog program) 3.5.1 Simplified Chinese official installation version, the following is said under Windows with the XAMPP installation WordPress method. Install Xampp is the

XMPP environment setup under Mac

There are several ways to implement instant messaging, which is implemented under Mac using XMPP .XML Messages presence Protocol Extensible Message Processing Protocol is simply the principle of point-to-point instant communication protocol based on

Mysqldump command

Mysqldump is similar to the opposite tool in many aspects. They have the same options. However, mysqldump can do more. It can load the entire database into a separate text file. This package contains all the SQL commands required to recreate your

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