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Accurate data mining in the big Data era-using R language

Teacher Profile:Gino, who is about to step into middle age, has acquired a bachelor's degree in mathematics and applied mathematics and a master of statistics from a prestigious university, has been studying and working abroad for nearly 20 years,

R Study Notes (1): What is R

The latest version of this article has been updated to    While learning about quantum investment, I found R ( ). What is R? Before you start, let's take a look at the magic of R.

R VS Python in Data science: The winner is ...

R VS Python in Data science: The winner is ...In the "Best" data Science tools game, R and Python have their own pros and cons. The choice between the two depends on the use of the background, the need to learn spending and other tools that are

R Language Programming Art (2) data structures in R

This article corresponds to the "R Language Programming Art" chapter 2nd: Vectors; Chapter 3rd: matrices and Arrays; chapter 4th: list; 5th: Data frame; 6th chapter: Factors and tables==================================================================

Impact of R-type thinking model on software development (draft)

The pragmatic programmers I have been reading some books after work. Before that, I mainly used computer-related algorithms, compilers, and mathematics in English versions. I want to improve my daily work efficiency by reading these books, with

Should I learn Python or R in statistical study?

To do statistical study Reply content:To a long article, a foreign training organization Datacamp teacher Martijn TheuwissenWrite a detailed comparison of Python and R, and the conclusion is that you need to choose tools based on what you do. Source

"Data Analysis R Language Practice" study notes the sixth chapter parameter estimation and r implementation (above)

6.1-point estimation and R implementation6.1.1 Moment EstimationThe solution equation function in R:Function and package: functionUniroot () @stats: Solving a unary (nonlinear) equationMultiroot () @rootSolve: given n (nonlinear) equations, solve n

The Type,whatis,whereis,which,locate,find of Linux commands

First: type--Query the type of a command-Query a command for internal or external commands;-linux commands include internal commands and external commands, you can use the type command to query whether a command is an internal command or an external

"Translation" A (very) short Introduction to R R Introduction

ObjectiveThis article is translated from Paul Torfs & Claudia Brauer's article A (very) short introduction to R. One of the more simple places without translation, not good in Chinese description of the place is not translated.1. Introduction and

r8-Batch Build folder, bulk Read folder name +r file Management system operation function

I. Batch build folder, bulk Read folder nameToday, the work encountered a problem: Boss gave us more than 200 companies ID code (such as 6007, 7920, etc.), need to search for the download news according to these ID numbers, so that the download to

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