how to find max and min of function

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Min and Max functions in Linux Kernel

These days, in order to sort out the driver knowledge that ldd3 learned some time ago, I went to look at the USB driver. I don't know, but I was shocked. There are a lot of syntaxes in it, which I found to be great at using. It's not like writing

sql--aggregate function (Aggregate functions): Avg,count,first,last,max,min,sum

sql--aggregate function (Aggregate functions): Avg,count,first,last,max,min,sumavg () functionDefinition and UsageThe AVG function returns the average of a numeric column. NULL values are not included in the calculation.SQL AVG () syntaxSELECT AVG

MAX/MIN function macro definition problem in C + + __jquery

Today encountered a modest problem, but it has been a day, but also accumulated experience and lessons. Usually when the code is always around the problem, as long as the final function even if completed, in fact, every bug is a good opportunity to

A small BUG in the Max/min function (PHP)

Take a direct look at the show: # Psy Shell v0.3.3 (PHP 5.5.30-cli) by Justin hileman>>> ceil ( -0.5) = -0.0>>> max ( -0.0, 0) = 0.0 >>> Max (Ceil ( -0.5), 0) = 0.0 In the above demo, the Ceil function returns a 0.0 when -0.0,max passes the

SQL aggregate function (AVG, Count, first, last, Max, Min, sum)

The operation of the Aggregate function targets a series of values and returns a single value. Note: If a SELECT statement is used in many other expressions in the list of items in the SELECT statement, the select must use the GROUP by statement!

LINQ to SQL statements select/distinct and COUNT/SUM/MIN/MAX/AVG (GO)

select/distinct operatorApplication Scenario : O (∩_∩) o ... Query for Bai.Description : Unlike the SELECT function in the SQL command, the SELECT and the clauses in the query expression are placed at the end of the expression and the variables in

C # Wonderful functions-6. Five sequence aggregation operations (Sum, Average, Min, Max, Aggregate)

Today, we will focus on five aggregate operations for sequences. Most of the time when we operate on sequences, we want to execute some summary based on these sequences and then calculate the results.   EnumerableThis can be done by using the static

A small BUG in max/min functions (PHP)-php Tutorial

A small BUG in maxmin function (PHP) is shown in the following figure: # Psy Shell v0.3.3 (PHP 5.5.30 — cli) by Justin Hileman>>> ceil(-0.5)=> -0.0>>> max(-0.0, 0)=> 0.0>>> max(ceil(-0.5), 0)=> -0.0 In the above demonstration, the ceil function

Mysql avg (), count (), min ()/max (), sum () function _ MySQL

After the avg (), count (), min () max (), sum () functions of mysql are familiar with the simplest SQL statements, do you think the cmd form is particularly appealing to tao Huan (yan )! Of course, we have a more intuitive and easy way to use

Linq to SQL (Group By/Having/Count/Sum/Min/Max/Avg operator ),

Linq to SQL (Group By/Having/Count/Sum/Min/Max/Avg operator ),Group By/Having Operator Applicable scenarios: Grouping data. narrow down the scope of data for us. Description: Assigns and returns the enumerated objects after grouping the input

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