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Changing hostname of the DB2 Server

Http:// Topic =/ SQL .doc/doc/msql06031n.html  Question Changing hostname of the DB2 server. What updates in DB2 need to be made?Cause Changing the DB2 server's

Oracle tnsping hostname/IP display Tns-12541:tns:no listener

Today is a cloudy day, God want to down, sleepy always want to sleep ...The amount of ... Don't say much nonsense.Today, I want to do a catalog library, I installed on the virtual machine oracle11g, this is different from the target database,So

The difference between CentOS and Ubuntu modified hostname

CentOS Modify Host Name 1. Temporarily modify host nameDisplay host Name:[Email protected]:~$ hostnamelocalhostModify Host Name:[Email protected]:~$ sudo hostname orcl1[email protected]:~$ HOSTNAMEORCL12. Permanently modify the host nameThe

The hostname shown in sysprocess is not necessarily the real hostname.

Recently, monitoring long running SQL showed that some users are using office to pull data. Because there are no restrictions in the office, every time we capture the data of all operating companies and run very frequently, resulting in a decline in

Error and handling of SQL Server hostname change

After SQL Server changes the hostname, you need to do something, otherwise the maintenance plan and subscription publishing will have problems, the following steps:Sometimes after the computer name is modified, the execution of the SELECT @

The configuration file cannot be loaded because the greenplum hostname and address are inconsistent.

Recently, I encountered several pitfalls and analyzed them one by one.   1. the hostname and address of the host name are inconsistent. When another stress test environment was deployed and submitted to the test group for stress testing, an error

The Linux hostname inexplicably became Bogon and resolved to change to localhost

Cause: The company network interface to do the interface authentication, the virtual machine bridge to the physical network card can not complete authentication network access, but can only say that the virtual machine network mode changed to NAT

Site tip: Bad Request (Invalid Hostname) error analysis

Site access error Bad Request (Invalid Hostname), as shown below: Analysis: "Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)" is the literal translation of "wrong requests (invalid hostname)", a IIS6 error hint. That is, the domain name has been resolved, but

Db2icrt creating an instance that indicates that the hostname is invalid

There is a phenomenon, after DB2 installation, using DB2ICRT to create an instance, the host name is not valid, prompting the following: [Email protected] instance]#/db2icrt-u db2inst1 db2inst1 The host name "Centos-0.msdomain" is invalid.

MySQL could not start the reboot unexpectedly because the Linux hostname was changed

MySQL cannot be restarted, cannot be shut down, cannot be started, unusable, if it is because the hostname has been modified, this can be resolved: Shut down all MySQL processes, and then start some mysql!Today nothing to see their host name is

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