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Summary of SQL injection principle

Today, a friend asked me a question: Why SQL injection to add single quotation marks, this time I can not answer at the moment, blame himself to blame the theory is too vegetable, but go back to think carefully, think this problem is quite

GLPI 0.85 blind SQL Injection Vulnerability

GLPI 0.85 blind SQL Injection Vulnerability Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:GLPI Description:CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2014-9258 GLPI is a computer and equipment management system. In versions earlier than GLPI 0.85.1, ajax/getDropdownValue. php

SQL Injection Code Audit 1

SQL injection, or SQL injection, is the purpose of executing a malicious SQL statement by injecting a malicious SQL command that destroys the structure of the SQL query statement. SQL injection vulnerabilities are huge and often cause the entire

Search and fix SQL Injection Vulnerabilities

Search and fix SQL Injection VulnerabilitiesWhen we want to test a site, the injection tool on the shelf is usually used to blow it up. Although some injection points can be found, it is still a bit blind. My personal opinion is: if the source code

Multiple blind SQL Injection Vulnerabilities in Nagios XI Network Monitor

Release date:Updated on: 2012-4 4 Affected Systems:Nagios XI Network Monitor 2011R1. 9Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 56761 Nagios XI Network Monitor is a server monitoring and

Test and prevent SQL Injection for university websites

Text/FIG==========================================Some campus websites belong to schools, some belong to a certain school, some belong to a certain community organization, some website servers are maintained by technicians, and some websites are not

Small white diary 42:kali Penetration Testing Web infiltration-sql Blind Note

SQL Blinds"Introduction to SQL Injection"SQL Blinds: do not display database built in error messages "built-in error information to help developers find and fix problems", but because the error message provides a lot of information about the system.

AlstraSoft EPay Enterprise v4.0 blind injection and repair

  Title: * AlstraSoft EPay Enterprise v4.0 Blind SQL Injection * Author: * Don (BalcanCrew & BalcanHack )* : * Http:// * Version: x 4.0 * Test Platform: * Apache/1.3.37 * ########################################

Symphony CMS 2.1.2 blind injection defects and repair

Symphony is an open-source content management system. The SQL injection vulnerability in Symphony 2.1.2 may cause sensitive information leakage. [+] Info:~~~~~~~~~Symphony CMS 2.1.2 Blind SQL Injection [+] Poc:~~~~~~~~~The following example will

Climeweb blind injection defects and repair

  Title: Climeweb Blind SQL Injection Vulnerability Author: poach3r : Http:// Test Platform: Windows XP SP3   Test:   Http:// php? Id = [SQL]   Http://

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