how to fix dns lookup

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Golang DNS Query time-out fault location

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Recent on-line reverse proxy Exception Log: Lookup / http On UDP timeout, which is obviously caused by a DNS query

DNS server configuration under Linux

One, understand the meaning of some nouns@----This symbol means that SOA is the same as a domainIn-----in is a domain name class that provides an IP address when used with a a,ptr or CNAME record, the domain name can be mapped to an IP

[Go] fix remote connection MySQL very slow method

The MySQL database connection to the test server that developed an application connection company was slow to open, but the local MySQL database was quickly started to think it might be caused by a network connection problem, and it was found that

You can access QQ, but cannot browse the Web page.

1. Virus Infection This often occurs when you open ie. In the lower-left dialog box of the IE interface, the system prompts that the webpage is being opened, but the webpage does not respond for a long time. Check the process in the Task Manager

Domain computer Boot up Process and site info

When first joining the domain, the client makes general DNS and LDAP queries and gets a list of all the domain controllers In the domain, and it goes down the list, trying LDAP binds, and the first successful DC so it binds to-that is the F Irst DC

Upgrade the computer to the domain controller for troubleshooting

Each domain must haveDomain ControllerHowever, when upgrading a server to a domain controller, there are usually minor faults for various reasons. This article lists an example of minor faults. When a Windows 2003 Server is converted to a domain

Golang Custom transports and timeouts

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. This post is a post-mortem of a Go production system crash. We'll use the logs to drill down into the guts of Go's network source code to find a leak that affected a

Explanation of Performance Detection parameters of chrome Developer Tools

Sending is time spent uploading the data/request to the server. it occurs between blocking and waiting. for example, if I post back An ASPX page this wowould indicate the amount of time it took to upload the request (including the values of the

Use Dnspod and squid to build your own CDN (vii) configuration Squid_linux

The 7th chapter is equipped with squid1. Set up the Hosts tableFirst, we need to understand the role squid plays in Cdn. Squid in the CDN is actually just a proxy + cache. Like a typical proxy server, squid makes a request to a server that actually

Use the intruded vro to enter the Intranet

Use the intruded vro to enter the Intranet   Last year, we started to use vrouters to penetrate the destination intranet. Before seeing wooyun, there was an article about translation of foreigners about routertraffic hijacking. The use conditions

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