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WordPress LeagueManager plug-in 'Rule _ id' parameter SQL Injection Vulnerability

Released on: 2013-03-13Updated on: 2013-03-19 Affected Systems:WordPress LeagueManager 3.8Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 58503CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2013-1852 WordPress

Frontend Learning HTTP Digest Authentication

Previous wordsThe basic certification described in the previous article is convenient and flexible, but extremely unsafe. The user name and password are transmitted in clear text, and no action is taken to prevent tampering with the message. The

Distributed Systems notes-web Service design patterns__distributed

CMU 95702 Distributed Systems notes. A brief introduction to XML-RPC, SOAP, REST Three Web service implementations and RPC, message, Resource three kinds of patterns.Web Service Implementation Scenarios There are three major Web services

Get started with Node. js, Express, Ejs, Mongodb server, and application development, node. jsmongodb

Get started with Node. js, Express, Ejs, Mongodb server, and application development, node. jsmongodb This article is a guide for front-end developers to build a Node from scratch. in js, Express, Jade, and Mongodb server, the reason why Jade is

Gashero mod_python development experience

Gashero mod_python development experience   · Default release processor objectsThe publishing processor can point to the index. py module by default when the module name is not explicitly specified in the URI. In index. find the corresponding method

New version of zxxbox jquery pop-up box plug-in without picture

Document directory I. Previous instructions Ii. Download and demo III. Basic usage Iv. Use and description of plug-in API Parameters 5. Use the plug-in's built-in pop-up window Vi. Other APIs of zxxbox VII. Supplement: style separation) 8.


Catalog 1 . Introduction 2 . nginx file Type error parsing vulnerability 3. fast-for direct public network opening CGI attacks 4. FCGI API dynamically modifies configuration in php.ini to implement RCE 1.

Two ways to set the database compatibility level and the difference

Ext.: ways to set the database compatibility level--To set up compatible SQL Serve 2005 as an example--Law One:ALTER DATABASE database_name SET compatibility_level = 90GO--Law II:EXEC

Comprehensive parsing of asynchronous programming in C #

When we deal with some long-term calls, it often causes the interface to stop responding or the IIS thread consumes too much, and this time we need to use asynchronous programming to fix these problems, but it is often easier said than done, it is

Simplify your ASP writing work (original database operation class clsdbctrl.asp)

First of all, think that the ASP is obsolete, please ignore this post, thank you. I just provide a way of thinking, I hope to give a lot of people are still learning and using ASP's friends a convenience. Although I do not use ASP now, but I believe

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