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Fix install fiddler after IE open Web page prompt "Proxy server unresponsive"

Environment: WIN8.1+IE11After installing FIDDLER4, start Fiddler,ie11 open Baidu website, open failure: Proxy server unresponsive,On the internet to find a variety of methods, modify the settings of the Fiddler, can not solve the problem, can not open the site normally;Workaround:In a virtual machine, the environment:Win7+ie8After installing Fiddler4, start fiddler, do not need to modify any settings, open the site in IE8, normal:In a virtual machine,

Scriptableobject after local serialization restarts unity and reports the associated script can not be loaded. Fix any compile errors and assign a valid script pit

Step on the PitDo the editor some settings serialization exists locally when the class inheriting from Scriptableobject passesThe created asset file.After restarting unity, look at this asset and discover that all of the serialized attributes above are missing, and the report's error isFind the answer after finding a website that doesn't existA scriptableobject that needs to be serialized locally must have its own entity script file with the same name

Fix for Load Runner11 recording script garbled

Method One:1. The recorded script appears garbledGo to Vugen Tools-recording Optionsb) Check the option, reads "Support Charset" and select "UTF-82. The browser displays garbled when playing with LRExample: Choose Browser IE6.0 Chinese versionSet Vuser-run-time settings-browser-browser emulation-change.Then, set IE, view-encode-hook on "Auto Select" and Unicode (UTF-8).It is important to note that when you select Unicode (UTF-8) in IE settings, you ne

Original LoadRunner 12.02 When you record a script without Internet access, how do I fix it?

You are prompted for no Internet access when recording scripts using LoadRunner 12.02, such as:You can try the following: Click "Yes" in the pop-up box.If you still have a problem, try these ways:(1) LR12 Walk is a certificate mechanism, you follow my attachment (picture 1) provided in the operation, such as:(2) Modify IE directory, in the Recording Settings dialog box--Should the program, select "C:\Program Files (x86) \internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"(3) shutting down the firewall(4) Close 360

Ubuntu 16.04 under MySQL 5.7.18 cancel boot start (fix cannot use Sysvinit (update-rc.d/sysv-rc-conf) script off)

启动sudo systemctl disable MySQL#开机启动sudo systemctl enable MySQL So, I guess, MySQL is now all handled by SYSTEMD, but this is limited to the version installed with the APT source and the Deb file, and the version that was installed in the binary package (tar.gz package) is still controlled using the Sysvinit script. For SYSTEMD, services are much more streamlined at run-level, without worrying about which runlevel to run on. The default has been config

Small script a---CDH in a batch deployment, if it is a virtual machine generated from an ESXi vcenter template, how to quickly fix the network card configuration?

."s/eth1/eth0/g"$net _rule_fileElseNew_mac_str=$(sed-n-e'/eth0/p'$net _rule_file) #new_mac_1=${NEW_MAC_STR: -: -} New_mac=$(Echo$new _mac_str|awk-F','{'Print $4'}|awk-F'=='{'Print $'}|sed 's/\ "//g') Echo "Done 70-persistent-net.rules file!"fi#===================================#将新的网络配置入写网卡文件, restart the networkif(Cat$net _conf_file|grep$netmask _conf); Then Echo "Done/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0"elif[!-N" $"] ; Then Echo "You had not input a IP address!"Else sed-I."/$old _ma

[Linux Test Project] [PATCH] Fix an, variable name Erro in RUNLTP script

[PATCH] Fix an, variable name Erro in RUNLTP script (/OPT/LTP/RUNLTP)Hi all,I got an error for the latest version 20140115 of LTP project. This error is found in my OS, I use ZH_CN for default language, the ' date + '%y_%b_%d-%hh_%mm_%ss ' 'll get like ' 2014_ 4yue_11-09h_36m_52s ", it contain a space before" 4yue "would get the bad variable name error. I fix th

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