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code example for PHP to generate a unique sequence of UUID

/** * Generates an UUID * * @author Anis uddin Ahmad * @param string a optional prefix * @return string The formatted UUID /function uuid ($prefix = ') { $chars = MD5 ( Uniqid (Mt_rand (), true); $uuid = substr

Sample Code for generating UUID unique sequence in PHP

  /** * Generates an UUID * * @author Anis uddin Ahmad * @param string an optional prefix * @return string the formatted uuid */ function uuid($prefix = '') { $chars = md5(uniqid(mt_rand(), true)); $uuid =


The UUID module is introduced after Python 2.5, which includes: Immutable object UUID (UUID Class) and Functions Uuid1 (), UUID3 (), Uuid4 (), and UUID5 (), followed by four functions for generating 1th, 3, 4, specified in the RFC 4122 specification

Generate BASE58 format uuid (Hibernate Base64 format uuid cont.)

BASE58 IntroductionBASE58 uses a character set of "123456789abcdefghijkmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHJKLMNPQRSTUVWXYZ", from which it is not difficult to see, Base58 are pure numbers and letters and remove the characters that cause visual confusion (0:

Java UUID generation

  GUID is a 128-bit long number, which is generally expressed in hexadecimal notation.AlgorithmThe core idea is to combine the machine's Nic, local time, and a random number to generate a guid. Theoretically, if a machine generates 10000000

JAVA UUID Generation

The GUID is a 128-bit long number, typically represented by a 16 binary. The core idea of the algorithm is to combine the machine's NIC, local time, and a random number to generate the GUID. Theoretically, if a machine produces 10 million GUIDs per

Python uses the UUID library to generate a unique ID.

Python uses the UUID library to generate a unique ID. UUID Introduction UUID is a 128-bit globally unique identifier, usually represented by a 32-byte string. It can ensure the uniqueness of time and space, also known as GUID. It is called UUID --

BASE64 compression UUID length replace hibernate legacy UUID Generator

This article comes from, personal storage use1. BackgroundWhen I use Hibernate to do object mapping, I always use the UUID to master the key. Since Hibernate's UUID needs to occupy 32-bit characters, it

Java UUID generation tool concurrency Test

Java UUID generation tool concurrency TestI. Know UUIDWikipedia, a free encyclopediaThe universal Unique Identifier (UUID) is a standard for Software construction. It is also the organization of the Open Software Foundation (OSF) in the Distributed

Java generation UUID Universal unique identification code

I. Overview of the UUIDThe UUID meaning is a universal unique identifier (universally unique Identifier), which is a software construction standard and is also organized by the Open Software Foundation, OSF, in a distributed computing environment (

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