how to get crash logs from android device

Want to know how to get crash logs from android device? we have a huge selection of how to get crash logs from android device information on

Android application Crash automatically captures logs _ automatically saves Crash logs to the local device, androidcrash

Android application Crash automatically captures logs _ automatically saves Crash logs to the local device, androidcrash After the application crash occurs, you need to view the log to

[Android Notes] crash log collection and Android crash logs

[Android Notes] crash log collection and Android crash logs After the application was released, some people reported that a crash occurred, but I was unable to locate the problem because I couldn't

Capture android program crash logs and android logs

extends Application{@Overridepublic void onCreate(){super.onCreate();CrashHandler crashHandler = CrashHandler.getInstance();crashHandler.init(getApplicationContext());}} Required permissions: How can I view the logs generated when an error is reported by the android program? If the program is forced to close, the system will keep the error log, but you need to root to see it. You can also run the d

Use Android crash logs to locate Problems

No meaningful files were left during project packaging and obfuscation, resulting in crash logs reported by the operations team (the most typical is Google Play ), It is difficult to locate the problem because many of the logs are obfuscated classes, methods, and variables. Recently discovered: When obfuscation, you can add the following names to generate a in

Get the Android device unique ID code

OverviewSometimes the user device needs to be identified, so you want to get a stable and reliable and unique identification code. Although such device identifiers are available in the Android system, stability and uniqueness are not ideal due to limitations such as the Android

Advanced Article-Android system: 1. Get unique ID for Android device

Whether it is PC-side software or Android software, sometimes when sold without outright buyout or purchase of copyright, then you need a set of selling, and to ensure that the software is forbidden to copy.The software on the PC side can be added to the code to detect the hard drive serial number. In this case, it is not possible to copy to another computer because the hard drive serial number is identified incorrectly. Then in

Python analytics android logs get Activit load time

Recently, there is a need to compare the time of a single activity load of two versions before and afterIn the Android log we can see similar Info/activitymanager (2486): Displayed activity com.teleca/. contextmenuactivity:240 MS (total 41289 ms) log, which is the load time of the activityFirst get the log through adb logcat > xx.txt, and then analyze the log with the following code:#-*-coding:utf-8-*-#anal

Get the orientation of your Android device

physical screen relative to the ground-ui the angle of rotation relative to the physical screen The way Android apps get the screen rotation angle is: int rotation = Activity.getwindowmanager (). Getdefaultdisplay (). Getrotation (); int degree= * rotation; Float rad = (float) math.pi/2 * rotation;DemoAccording to the above algorithm, I wrote a "Tumbler" of the demo, when the

Learn how to get the unique identifier of an android device (21)

Learn how to get the unique identifier of an android device (21) Because a stable and reliable unique device identification code is required for the project, some information on the internet is searched. We will introduce several methods today.1. DEVICE_ID If we do need the identifier of a real

Sample code for Android app to get mobile device information and mobile phone number

Below I from the perspective of Android development, simply write how to get mobile device information and mobile phone numberPreparation conditions: An Android phone, mobile SIM card to ensure plug-in phone, Eclipse ADT and ANDROID-SDK development environmentFirst step: Cre

Get the MAC address of any Bluetooth device from your Android app

Recently do an Android application, with Bluetooth signal control an instrument, through a Bluetooth to the serial port device, send Bluetooth signal, and then converted to serial command sent to the instrument. The Bluetooth device is as follows:How do I get this Bluetooth device

Android Learning Note (37): Use the configuration class to get and listen to device information

the configuration class is used to describe the information on a mobile device. Sometimes our app needs to get the phone's system information and adjust our app based on the phone's information , so we need to use the Configuration class. (1) get the Configuration ObjectCall the Activity 's method to get the system's

Android Get device Unique ID

Android developers need to know the unique device ID on their phone in certain situations. For example, you can track the installation of an application and generate a unique ID for the device that is used to copy protected DRM. The sample code snippet as a reference is provided at the end of this document. Range This article provides an introduction to how to re

Get your Android device WiFi MAC address "MAC address"

; } } } Catch(Exception e) {e.printstacktrace (); } String mac= ""; if(!textutils.isempty (name)) { Try { byte[] address =networkinterface.getbyname (name). Gethardwareaddress (); if(Address! =NULL) {mac=Byte2hex (address, address.length); } } Catch(SocketException e) {e.printstacktrace (); } } if(! Textutils.isempty (MAC) !textutils.isempty (IP)) { returnIP + "_" +mac; } return""; } Private StaticString By

Get the log from Android device

Theme:    How do I get the log from device?Detail:get the log from device, and write to the local file.Google Source jar: Use the methods in Ddmlib.jar mostly:        import;Import;Import; The concrete process:First step: connect the device

Get the Android device WiFi connection status

This article describes how to get the status of your Android device WiFi connection!Add access permissions (in the Androidmanifest.xml file)Java code ( file)Package Com.example.androidtest;import;import; Import Android.os.bundle;import;import Android.content.contex

How to get the device's wide height in Android

Before Android 4.0, you can get the width of the screen in the following way:Displaymetrics dm = new Displaymetrics ();Getwindowmanager (). Getdefaultdisplay (). Getmetrics (DM);int Mscreenw = dm.widthpixels; Get widthint mscreenh = dm.heightpixels; Get highBy the above method before 4.0, the total width and total heig

Android get Bluetooth connected device

If Bluetooth is paired and connected manually, get the connected device:1. Check the connection status:Java code int A2DP = Bluetoothadapter.getprofileconnectionstate (BLUETOOTHPROFILE.A2DP); int headset = bluetoothadapter.getprofileconnectionstate (Bluetoothprofile.headset); int health = bluetoothadapter.getprofileconnectionstate (; 2, depending on whether th

How do I get specific information about a device when my Android phone is hot?

1. The information of connected equipment is stored in/data/misc/dhcp/dnsmasq.leases2. Its format is:/system ID, no value required/client MAC address/client IP address/client device name/weighted after MAC address, no value required2, refer to the Getclientip () method, you can customize this method to obtain the device name, as follows:Reprint Please specify source: Zhou Mushi's csdn blog H

Android gets two ways to get the device screen wide and high pixel value

private void Get1 () { Resources resources = This.getresources (); Displaymetrics DM = Resources.getdisplaymetrics (); int width = dm.widthpixels; int height = dm.heightpixels; LOG.D ("Method 1", Width + "," + height); } private void Get2 () { WindowManager manager = This.getwindowmanager (); Displaymetrics outmetrics = new Displaymetrics (); Manager.getdefaultdisplay (). Getmetrics (outmetrics); int width = outmetrics.widthpixels; int height

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