how to get data from database using ajax in struts2

Learn about how to get data from database using ajax in struts2, we have the largest and most updated how to get data from database using ajax in struts2 information on

How to connect the MySQL database with Ajax and get the data returned from it. Ajax gets the data returned from MySQL. Responsexml the method of outputting different data separately.

above two sentences are PHP document Content-type is set to "Text/xml", PHP document is set to "No-cache" to prevent the cache5 $time=Date(' Y-m-d h:i:s ', Time());6 7 $information= "XXXX";8 9 Ten Echo' //there must be, no words, nothing to lose. One Echo"$time. "; A //here the - Echo"$information. "; - Echo"//complete a pair with the person above the - -?>Since I was tested by the output system time, after the test was successful, I saw the

Beginner easy to get started with SSH-struts2 03 Data encapsulation, easy to get started with ssh-struts2

Beginner easy to get started with SSH-struts2 03 Data encapsulation, easy to get started with ssh-struts2 In this chapter, we can obtain data to see what is different from the previous chapter. There are also three

Struts2 interacts with Ajax data, and Struts2Ajax data

Struts2 interacts with Ajax data, and Struts2Ajax data Preface: Ajax requests are often used in projects. Today we will summarize the data transmission and interaction between foreground pages and background actions when

Jquery ajax struts2 user name verification (get)

Jquery ajax struts2 user name verification (get)Page:$ (Document). ready (function (){CheckConfirm ();});// Verify whether the user name existsFunction checkConfirm (){$ ("# UserName"). blur (function (){Var gradename = $ (this). val ();Var changeUrl = "$. Get (changeUrl, function (str ){If (str = '1 '){$ ("# GradeInfo

Ajax Call back PHP interface return JSON data AJAX JSONP Ajax JSON instance AJAX get background JSON number

should has included the callback data, something likejQuery17209314005577471107_1335958194322({"foo":"bar"}) Here are the PHP code I used to achieve this, and which degrades if JSON (without a callback) is used: $ret [ ' foo ' ] = "Bar" ; Finish (); function Finish () { header ( "Content-type:application/json" ); if ( $_get [ ' callback ' ] { print $_get [ ' callback ' ]. "(" ; } print json_encod

Struts2 asynchronous Interactive data __stream with Ajax

Struts2 using Ajax Similar to file downloads, the result type needed to be configured in Struts.xml is stream. Note Two properties contenttype and InputName,Where InputName corresponds to the value inputstream the property in action.The other configurations are generic configurations, and there is no difference.Let's look at the configuration in action public class Xxxaction extends actionsupport{ p

Easily deal with Ajax (share your own Ajax function encapsulation, in fact, Ajax is very simple to use, it is difficult to use the data after you get the data)

* Date: 2014.06.01 4 * parameter description: 5 * opts: {'optional parameters'} 6 ** method: Request Method: Get/post, default Value: 'get'; 7 ** URL: the address where the request is sent. Default Value: Current page address; 8 ** data: String, JSON; 9 ** async: asynchronous: true/false; default value: true; 10 ** cache: True/false; default value: true; 11 ** c

Struts2+ajax getting JSON data

last night encountered a bug, is the AJAX call Struts2 inside the method to obtain the JSON problem, although the problem is not solved, but a variety of Baidu, after the discovery of Stuts2 and Ajax interactive understanding and deep. One, if you set the action to return the result as a JSON typeFor example, if you want this action to return the result as JSON,

Struts2+jquery implement Ajax and return JSON type data __ garbled problem

The main implementation steps are as follows: 1. JSP pages use scripting code to execute AJAX requests 2, action query out the need to return the data, and converted to JSON type pattern data 3. Configure Struts.xml Files 4, the page script accepts and processes the data The key is as follows several points 1. Introdu

Struts2 + jquery (Ajax) connection and read sqlserver data

As a newbie, struts2 and jquery become more and more popular. These two days I summarized their methods for connecting to the sqlserver database. The test is feasible. ========================================================== ======================== Database Name: Test Data Table Name: testtable, two fields (ID, text

The return form of Ajax request data from Struts2

() {7StringBuffer SB =NewStringBuffer ();8Sb.append (");9Sb.append (");TenSb.append ("); OneSb.append ("); ASb.append ("); -String string =sb.tostring (); - Try { theis =NewBytearrayinputstream (String.getbytes ("Utf-8")); -}Catch(unsupportedencodingexception e) { - //TODO auto-generated Catch block - e.printstacktrace (); + } - + return"OK"; A}The configuration file (which could have been written in the form of a wildcard, but in order to be clear i

jquery serialization from form using AJAX commit to return JSON data (using struts2 annotation result type = JSON)

The 1.action class introduces the Struts2 "Json-default" Interceptor stack@ParentPackage ("Json-default")// Wap_package inherits the Json-default@Namespace ("/")publicclassextends wapbaseaction {...[email protected] The result type is JSON and you can set the params@Action (value = "Creatresume", results = {@Result (name = Json,type=json, Params={root,result})})3.jquery serialized Form form forms using AJAX

Implementation of Ajax cross-domain request based on IFRAME to get Ajax data _ajax related to Web pages

parent domain var mysrc = "http://a. Target URL. com:9000/myiframe.html"; document.domain = "Destination URL. com"; Critical code to elevate the domain to the root domain $ ("Body"). Append (' HTML code in IFRAME Attention: Only if the IFRAME is elevated to the root domain to communicate with the parent window, the ear document.domain instruction can only elevate the current domain to the current root domain, which is why the local hosts file must be modified, wh

JQuery Easyui Learning--struts2 displaying database data in conjunction with the Easyui DataGrid data table

Tags: jquery easyui struts2 DataGridBecause the Easyui DataGrid can display data from a database in a certain form in the foreground page data table, as long as it takes out a certain format of JSON data that is sent back from the background. Here, we use the

STRUTS2 GET request, session, application, and pass data in action

Assuming that the data is passed only through request, session, and application, there is no need to get the corresponding object to be able to pass the data, such as the following Com.itheima.action;import Com.opensymphony.xwork2.actioncontext;public class Scopeaction {public String Execute () {/* * We do not pass

Using the jquery Ajax post method or directly using the Jqery Ajax request action to get the returned JSON data __jsp

After mastering the interaction between Java objects and JSON, today's learning is how to use Ajax to request action and put back JSON characters, parsing JSON data in the foreground. Step one: Use Ajax post to submit directly, write a post.jsp file Then there is a JS (post.js) file corresponding to it, which is used to write the Post submission: $ (function ()

Ajax output data, how to get another page. How to submit the value of the chk to get through the form.

page, and how to get it in ser.php. Then write the data to the check box.Then write the data to the check box.30 points added, please lead the help.Your HTML code is not affixed to the fullis just the beginning of the code. What I want to do now is to query the relevant content via Ajax, and then submit it with

Ajax instant Update get data combined with Ajax JS reference use of course need to build local environment and create PHP

' = ' 2017-9-12 '),Array (' title ' = ' = ' next year, South Africa will be the BRICS presidency ', ' data ' = ' 2017-9-12 '),Array (' title ' = ' = ' next year, South Africa will be the BRICS presidency ', ' data ' = ' 2017-9-12 '),Array (' title ' = ' = ' next year, South Africa will be the BRICS presidency ', ' data ' = ' 2017-9-12 '),Array (' title ' = ' = '

When the data in the From form changes, use code to get the data from the database and then join the ComboBox and get the final result from the database

list above is defined as a character type, it will be converted into a character type if the int type is the same as the previous one. The preceding int is the type in the data tableCbNum.Items.AddRange (Numlist.toarray ());//Convert the data column to an array and then join the Cbnum, only accept arrays}private void Cbnum_selectedindexchanged (object sender, EventArgs e){Fieldlistlug.clear ();//continue t

react--4 ways to get Data Ajax (), $.ajax (), Fetch (), Axios

The first type: Ajax ()Import React from ' React '; import Reactdom from' React-dom '; import Ajax from'./tool.js '; class Nav extends react.component{constructor () {super (); This. State ={arr: {}}; This. get = This. Get.bind ( This); } get () {Ajax ('./

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