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Android get local album pictures, take photos to get pictures

= "@style/apptheme" >Activity_main.xml:Xmlns:android= "Http://"Xmlns:tools= "Http://"Android:layout_width= "Match_parent"android:layout_height= "Match_parent"Android:background= "#fff"android:orientation= "Vertical"tools:context= "" >Android:layout_width= "Wrap_content"android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"android:text= "Looking for

iOS choose the processing of pictures and videos on icloud Cloud in albums

About iOS Select an album in icloud cloud tablets and videos recommended: Tzimagepickercontroller source, this is a very reliable album selection of pictures and videos of the library. Of course, you can also write the following problemsWorking reason, need to handle access to a video module, in the video selection encountered a not easy to find the bug, the reason is due to the small cell phone memory, and

Android photos, albums get pictures, crop pictures

to heightIntent.putextra ("Aspectx",1); Intent.putextra ("Aspecty",1);//Outputx,outputy is the width height of the cropped pictureIntent.putextra ("Outputx", size); Intent.putextra ("Outputy", size); Intent.putextra ("Scale",true); Intent.putextra ("Return-data",true); Startactivityforresult (Intent, photo_request_cut); }//The cropped picture is displayed to the UI interface Private void Setpictoview(Intent Picdata) {Bundle bundle = Picdata.getextras ();if(Bundle! =NULL) {Bitmap p

Android pick up albums and photo pictures cut get pictures

(ResultCode! =RESULT_OK) { return; } Else { Switch(requestcode) { CaseImage_request_code:resizeimage (Data.getdata ()); Break; CaseCamera_request_code:if(Issdcardexisting ()) {Resizeimage (Getimageuri ()); } Else{toast.maketext (mainactivity). This,"No memory card found, no photos saved! ", Toast.length_long). Show (); } Break; CaseResize_request_code:if(Data! =NULL) {showresizeimage (data); } Break; }} super.onactivityresult

Get selected pictures in Android and get photos return results difference

Lead:Today's Android apps are mostly combined to take pictures and choose from albums (of course, this is the product dog thing, the beginning of the topic). )Today in the writing of a functional module encountered an embarrassing problem, the same is the photo to get the image function, on the colleague's Samsung run no problem, but on my mobile phone on a run

Android remotely get pictures and cache _android locally

get the picture in the asynchronous thread and then update the UI thread through the handler message.Use the Asynctask provided in Android to do this. The specific approach is not introduced here, check the API can be, or Google, Baidu under. This is mostly local caching. 2. Local cache:For picture resources, it's impossible to get apps to download remotely (L

Android get local pictures (ii)

) {Mpauseworklock.notifyall (); } } }/** * Exit thread * @param exittasksearly */public void Setexittasksearly (Boolean exittasksearly) {mexittasksearly = exittasksearly; Setpausework (false);//This setting is false, which makes the exit task graceful. This setting is true also possible, and there is no problem, can achieve the same effect. However, you can compare the differences that are set to true or false. }}This is all about getting the entire contents of your local im

java-php request Seven Cow server get uploadtoken can't upload pictures on Android app

I use PHP to request seven cattle server to get Uploadtoken, the Uploadtoken to the JSON data output to the Android app upload images, using my own server to obtain the Uploadtoken can not upload pictures ( Laugh/seven ... ), I use an example of the official web site to generate Uploadtoken in the app can be used to upload

Android (Java) Learning Note 204: Custom Smartimageview (inherited from ImageView, extended to automatically get network path pictures)

"Android:layout_centerhorizontal= "true"Android:layout_centervertical= "true"Android:layout_width= "Wrap_content"android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"android:text= "@string/hello_world"/>(4) The next natural is to use, back to;ImportCOM.HIMI.HEBAO.R;;ImportAndroid.os.Bundle;ImportAndroid.widget.ImageView; Public classMainactivityextendsActivity {PrivateSmartimageview IV; @Overrideprotected voidonCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate)

Android volley get started to mastery: Load network pictures with volley

only say that you are too easy to meet the ^_^. In fact, volley can do much more than ask for a picture of the web, and Imageloader is a good example. Imageloader can also be used to load pictures on the network, and its interior is also implemented using Imagerequest, but imageloader is significantly more efficient than imagerequest because it not only helps us to cache images, You can also filter out duplicate links to avoid sending requests repeat

android--three ways to get pictures from the web

="android.permission.INTERNET" /> uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" />3, in the activity of the application3.1 Instantiation of Imageloader protected ImageLoader imageLoader = ImageLoader.getInstance();3.2 Configuring option options = new DisplayImageOptions.Builder() .showImageOnLoading(加载图片时显示的默认图片 .showImageForEmptyUri(R.drawable.girl)//访问地址无内容时显示的图片 .showImageOnFail(R.drawable.luobo)//加载失败时显示的图片

Get the path of all pictures from the Android album

When you choose a picture from the system and get to their path, you find that some of the images are Uri.getscheme "file", and some of the images are Uri.getscheme "content". All paths that result in Uri.getpath and cannot get all the pictures are resolved with the following code:public static String GetPath (activity activity, Uri Uri) {l.i ("hui", "path before

Three ways to get network pictures in Android

() {drawable drawable=loadimagefromnetwork (image_url); @Override Public voidrun () {//post () is especially important to update the image to the main UI (NewRunnable () {@Override Public voidrun () {//TODO auto-generated Method Stubmimageview.setimagedrawable (drawable); }}) ; }}). Start ();3.AsyncTask Get URL Picture Mimageview = (ImageView) this new Downloadimagetask (). Execute (image_url); private class Downloadima

"Android Get started ten" draw pictures and picture rotation

Let's start with a brief description of the drawing:Due to Canvas.drawbitmap (bitmap, SRC, DST, paint), there are four parameters so there are roughly four or five steps.1, through the GetResource () method to get the Bitmapdrawable type object in the Drawable folder2. Convert the bitmapdrawable type to an object of type bitmap3, create SRC, DST, two rectangles, SRC refers to the original graphics truncated pictur

About calling the Android camera feature to get pictures

Recently called the camera in the project, the use of someone else to write the file, but found that the captured photos did not really use the system photography and then view so clear, so the study, found that the usual call camera function to obtain the image is compressed, if you want to get the original picture, it has to be saved after the acquisition. Find a blogger on the internet wrote two articles on this issue to explain in detail, can look

Android lazylist get pictures from the network and cache

Original address Content of this article Environment Demo Lazylist get pictures from the network and cache them Resources This article is a demo on Github that gets a thumbnail of the singer's album over the Web and appears in the ListView control. The demo has the ability to cache thumbnails to the phone external memory, so it's called "Lazy" so it doesn't have to be fetche

Android Network get pictures and save on Local

);// //headerresponse.getentity (). getcontent (); Can only be used once otherwise it will be error content has been consumedInputStream Headerin =headerresponse.getentity (). getcontent ();//data returned by the serverBitmap=Bitmapfactory.decodestream (Headerin); if(Bitmap! =NULL) {savebitmap (bitmap);//Display Image} headerin.close ();Saved in Location: /*** Save Method * *@throwsIOException*/ Public voidSavebitmap (Bitmap Bitmap)throwsIOException {Cha

Android calls camera to take pictures to get original photos

Android calls the camera to take pictures and get the original photo solution as follows:Note to have permission to read the file, you need to add the following permissions:button click event: Public voidClick (View view) {Intent Intent=NewIntent (mediastore.action_image_capture);//the intention of the camera to capture the pictureIntent.putextra (Mediastore.extr

The features of Android Gallery browsing have not been done by anyone. The main thing is to get pictures and videos sorted after the problem.

============ Problem Description ============The features of Android Gallery browsing have not been done by anyone. The main thing is to get pictures and videos sorted after the problem.Now to do a similar view of the library, to all the SD card scanned images and videos in chronological order. Has anyone ever done it?============ Solution 1============Sort of, d

Step-by-step learn http to get Tomcat server pictures on Android client display

void Handlemessage (Android.os.Message msg) {img.setimagebitmap (bitmap);};}; @Overrideprotected void OnCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) {super.oncreate (savedinstancestate); Setcontentview ( R.layout.activity_main); img = (ImageView) Findviewbyid (; btn = (Button) Findviewbyid (; save = (Button) Findviewbyid (, Btn.setonclicklistener (new Onclicklistener () {@Overridepublic void OnClick (View v) { New Thread (Run). Start ();}}); Save.setonclicklistener (Ne

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