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Get string length, character length, byte length

Metric Fast Development platform There is a Len in the base function that gets the character length function. The specific usage is:len ("123ABC string")The result of this method is: 9that is, the total number of characters, without distinguishing

Programmer interview One of 100 questions: the maximum length of a symmetric string

Title: Enter a string that outputs the maximum length of the symmetric substring in the string. For example, the input string "Google", because the longest symmetric substring in the string is "goog", so output 4. Analysis: Many people may have

Use El expressions to intercept string/get list length instances. el expressions

Use El expressions to intercept string/get list length instances. el expressions $ {Fn: substring (wjcd. lrsj, 0, 16 )} Use the functions function to obtain the list length. ${fn:length(list)} Function Description Example Fn: containsDetermine

Use VC to obtain the length of a string

4.5.8 String Length The length of a string usually refers to the number of characters in a string, but sometimes people need the number of bytes occupied by the string. The following methods are commonly used to obtain the length of a string. 1. Use

About the maximum length of a Get method passing a string

I used to think that 1024 bytes (that is, the total length of the URL including the query string), today I heard someone say 256 bytes ... I tested it and found it was notFIREFOX,CHROME,IE9, the maximum allowable length is 8193 bytes

PHP statistics Chinese string length string to numeric PHP split string php string length ph

Chinese websites generally choose two types of code: gbk/gb2312 or Utf-8. Each Chinese character in the GBK encoding occupies 2 bytes, as an example: $zhStr = ‘您好,中国!’;echo strlen($zhStr// 输出:12 utf-8编码下每个中文字符所占字节为3,例: $zhStr = ‘您好,中国!’;echo strlen(

PHP Get string length function strlen () function

In some Web site registration or other activities, we need users to submit some information, for this information will have certain requirements, such as user registration information Some of the limit length can not be less than how much. Here we

HTTP Request mode: Get and post comparisons when sending data, the Get method adds data to the URL, and the length of the URL is limited (the maximum length of the URL is 2048 characters).

What is HTTP? Hypertext Transfer Protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol-HTTP) is a protocol designed to enable clients and servers to communicate smoothly. HTTP works with Request-response protocol (Request-reply protocol) between the client and the

Java get String (Chinese) length by byte

Citation:;; /*** Two ways to get string lengths in Java by byte **/ Public classApp { Public Static voidMain (string[]

Linux shell string operation details (length, read, replace, intercept, connect, compare, delete, position)

Linux shell string operation detailed (length, read, replace, intercept, connect, compare, delete, position) 1. Linux Shell intercepts the first 8 bits of a character variableThere are several ways to implement this: Expr substr "$a" 1 8

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