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of the emotion as a long-term love, is itself naïve.25, the man cried, because he really loved, the woman cried, because she really gave up.26, can say the grievance, it is not wronged, can rob the lover, is not a lover.27, when a woman is looking at the sky, she is not looking for anything, she is just lonely.28, no matter what, a person's excuses degenerate, is always not worth forgiving, the more no one loves, the more to love themselves.29, sorry is a kind of sincerity, does not matter is a

Thrift get a lot of data

Thrift get a lot of data Description In thrift, the method invocation operation is implemented using a short connection, that is, each call is independent, the connection is closed, so for a similar need to obtain a large amount of data, our method calls to get too much data, resulting in poor performance, At this point we expect to have a similar usage in sock

RESTful GET, if there are a lot of parameters, is it necessary to work around?

lot of engineers that are involved in spraying themselves), so searching for this scenario is almost without HTTP cache support from the start What if I still want to cache, or do I want to follow the rest specification using get? There's a theoretical play here. Let's say we retrieve a product and have a URL like this: /goods/ 商品集合Get can also take bod

How to get a lot of external links in a short time

People often ask why your Harbin Hua Ju Network, Harbin Virtual reality design in a short time is to get a lot of external links, I always smiled and said, in fact, very simple, heavy in the insistence, how to insist? is diligent, think more, more analysis. How diligent also is not to say that is early night sleep, we have to use effective time to do outside the chain, such as the signature of the Forum, ne

Dry Goods sharing: How to get a lot of accurate traffic from QQ space

same clothing more and more fire, our site can use the opportunity to obtain a large number of accurate traffic. Step One: Find the certification space for the Love apartment    Step two: Get love apartment certification space of the latest visitors QQ    Step three: Comment on these visitors QQ space log, leave the URL and link    The results of the above methods are: A user just finished watching love Apartm

Python3 gets a lot of movie information: Call the API and python3 get the call api

Python3 gets a lot of movie information: Call the API and python3 get the call api During this time in the lab, we need to collect information about movies and provide a large dataset. The dataset contains more than 4000 movie names. I need to write a crawler to crawl the information about movies corresponding to the movie name. In fact, in actual operation, crawlers are not required at all. You only need

I found a lot of code to get the client ip address, but the access under the vro always shows the private ip address of 192. 168. *. *.

I found a lot of code to get the client ip address, but the access under the router always shows 192. 168. *. * If you want to write an example of determining the city based on the ip address, you can find a lot of code to get the client ip address. However, access under the vro always shows 192. 168. *. * How can I ob

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