how to get messages from elses phone

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Get the implementation code for all the text messages in the Android phone _android

SimpleDateFormat ("Yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss"); Date d = new Date (Long.parselong (cur.getstring (Datecolumn))); Date = Dateformat.format (d); int typeid = Cur.getint (Typecolumn); if (typeID = = 1) {type = ' receive '; else if (typeID = 2) {type = "send"; else {type = ""; } smsbuilder.append ("["); Smsbuilder.append (name+ ","); Smsbuilder.append (phonenumber+ ","); Smsbuilder.append (smsbody+ ","); Smsbuilder.append (date+ ","); Smsbuilder.append (type); Smsbuilder.append ("]"); if

How can php register with a mobile phone number and then automatically send text messages to the mobile phone number?

How can php register with a mobile phone number and then automatically send text messages to the mobile phone number? The process of establishing the actual application (for details, I also want to learn about it) Reply to discussion (solution) Me? Thoughts:??? ? Hands ???, After submission, PHP? Use? Sms api? Send SMS ??? ? Hand ??, SMS? Rong is login? Passw

Java based on the interface to send mobile phone text messages

I do the mobile phone to send text messages, is based on the interface provided by others to do, the interface content is as follows: SMS Platform Interface Description 1, overview 1.1 Interface Description Each system needs to call this interface when sending text messages. 1.2 interface protocols and data formats The SMS Platform interface adopts HTTP transmiss

How Apple iOS7 the phone and text messages in the lock-screen world

We often get busy with things that make it impossible to answer the phone immediately, and when we're done, we look at the phone and the caller may have hung up. At this point many people may choose to slide unlock, and then enter the password, and then find and callback the other caller, such operations will take more time.In fact, many people have found iphone5

How to use a computer to view mobile phone messages?

messages you get from your Google Voice number are on Google servers instead of on your phone, so you can also use Android or Apple's Google Voice to receive them. When you first install this phone application, if you are not established or you are connected to Google Voice, it will help you build Google Voice featur

Send short messages via mobile phone on PC

A long time ago, I noticed some mobile phone Short Message sending software. I thought it was amazing, but I never wanted to develop my own mobile phone Short Message software. my graduation thesis is coming soon. My graduation project is the development of the data center security system, mainly the monitoring of the data center environmental coefficient and the implementation of the alarm function, this i

Send short messages on PC via mobile phone (continuation)

as ASC functions. Here is an example of each of the two functions:? ASCW ("short ")30701? Chrw (26482)Bytes We can see that these two functions can convert Chinese and Unicode codes, which is very convenient for encoding and decoding. After we get the Chinese Unicode code, we can compile the PDU string. Let's take a look at the composition of the PDU string. We can see this PDU string (used when I debug the program): quit. We break it down: 08 length

Use C # To write short messages for Chinese mobile phone sending in Windows

Lin min Unknown 2002-05-26 Recently I bought a nokia3210 data cable in the Computer City. After playing with the logo for a few days and changing the ringtone, I also threw the data cable aside. It wasn't until a few days ago that I saw a secondary development control for sending text messages on http: // that reminds me of data lines that were not used for multiple days

Send SMS messages and phone calls to Android virtual machines.

Send SMS messages and phone calls to Android virtual machines. Android emulator already contains the gsm module, which can be used to simulate telephone and text message debugging (you don't have to spend too much money) First, you must open the VM: Emulator-avd XXXXXX-scale 0.8 Needless to say, the first parameter is the avd name and the second parameter is the display size. Then use: Telnet l

How to use the Fetion computer version of the phone to send text messages

edition How to send short interest (to friends or non-friends to send messages): 1. Send a message to a friend, send the message before we have to have a friend, if do not know how to add friends can see "fetion computer Edition How to add people (batch add people, add Group, add Unicom Friends)" article. 2. With a friend, we can click on the "Avatar" of the friend client, then pop up the conversation, enter the content to send, you can message, as

Jpush How to use httpclient to push messages to your phone

, and that the storm will come at any moment. The elder looked solemn, for the salt-block was silent in the fire. He thought ominous, and advocated to hurry after daybreak. But another young man in the clan thought that "to peep the day with salt" was superstition and opposed a hasty departure. The next afternoon, sure enough, the weather was abrupt and wintry, and the young man who insisted on the late walk realized the wisdom of the Elder. In fact, with today's scientific explanation, the old

How to make phone calls, send text messages, send emails, open web features

"];[[UIApplication sharedapplication] openurl:url];3. Use WebView to refer back and be legal, recommendedSelf.webview = [[UIWebView alloc] initWithFrame:self.view.bounds];Lazy loading, also known as deferred loading, is not loaded (overriding the Get method) when needed, (it takes up less memory)The role of lazy loadingif (Self.webview = = nil) {Self.webview = [[UIWebView alloc] init];}NSLog (@ "%p", Self.webview);Nsurl *url = [Nsurl urlwithstring:@ "

Build XMPP push messages to your phone

to get Run.bat, directly set up a good service, on the browser inputhttp:// into the management interface. Such as:If you want to change the service yourself, download the attachment (303.73 KB, download number: 5140), modify it yourself.To display the managed Send page:Client implementations:Download Project source (347.74 KB, Downloads: 6232), import project, change an IP add

At command set control mobile phone get mobile phone information

All unread SMS messages on the phoneAt + cmgl = 2 list existing messagesAt + cmgl = 4 read all SMS messagesAt + cmgr = x press enter to read the X Short MessageAt + cmgf = 0 vehicle return PDU formatAt + cmgd = x press enter to delete the X-th Short MessageAt + clip = indicates the command error automatically displayed for incoming calls.Come to the phone! Ring + clip: 13306285091,129At + cmgs = 6 bytes fo

Android Phone number access problem with APN to get cell phone number

text messages will be IMSI and verify the information uploaded to the operator's server, the server completed the registration action, will be the form of text messages will be registered to the phone. The content of the issued will vary depending on the conditions.If the server in the sent message, does not contain the phon

Get the phone running software and size via thread communication (imitation phone butler scanning software)

=bd.setscale (2, Bigdecimal.round_down);Mysize = (double.parsedouble (bd2+ "")) + "M";}else{Mysize = (size/1024) + "K";}return mysize;}Handler Handler = new Handler () {public void Handlemessage (Message msg) {int code = Msg.what;Switch (code) {Case 0X001:String str = (string) msg.obj;String [] ss = Str.split ("~");Main_scan_tv.settext (Ss[0]);Main_change_tv.settext (Ss[1]);BreakCase 0X002:Main_scan_tv.settext ("Found" + appnamelist.size () + "background software");Ll_main_layout.setbackgroundc

Android gets a simple way to get a native phone number _android

How to get the native phone number on Android, and now Android provides an API to read the number that was cured on the early SIM card, Copy Code code as follows: Private String Getphonenumber () { Telephonymanager Mtelephonymgr; Mtelephonymgr = (Telephonymanager) getsystemservice (Context.telephony_service); return Mtelephonymgr.getline1number (); } The Getphonenumber method above returns

Sample code for Android app to get mobile device information and mobile phone number

Below I from the perspective of Android development, simply write how to get mobile device information and mobile phone numberPreparation conditions: An Android phone, mobile SIM card to ensure plug-in phone, Eclipse ADT and ANDROID-SDK development environmentFirst step: Create a new Android project (Jinshantest),and n

Android Phone get contacts contact information and SMS broadcast implementation

more and more Android apps are now using their mobile phone numbers to sign up and get their phone verification code to complete their registration. There are many applications to provide phone address Book backup function, get your permission to save your

Xiaomi phone root process and solution unable to get View server version from device issue

service can send messages to the Android service,The specific usage is as follows: Usage:service [-h|-?]Service ListService Check ServiceService Call service CODE [i32 INT | s16 STR] ...Options:I32:write the integer INT into the send parcel.S16:write the UTF-16 string STR into the send parcel.The ADB shell Service list lists the Andorid systems that provide all the service such as:1. Bind port to start viewserver adb Shell Service Call window 1 i32 $

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