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Android get WiFi MAC, off WiFi can't get

Recently, I've been trying to get native MAC addresses from the NDK with C + + on Android, but with the IOCTL (SIOCGIFHWADDR), the return value is less than 0, which means that the interface information is not available. At first I thought it was my own missing access rights, so I have been increasing uses-permission, and later found that no matter how this is the case, found that the original Android studio virtual machine did not turn on

iOS development how to get the current surrounding WiFi list and intensity within the app and to control the WiFi switch within the app

Through the official API can get to the WiFi information, implementation code: 1234567891011 -(id)fetchSSIDInfo{NSArray*ifs=(__bridge_transferid)CNCopySupportedInterfaces();NSLog(@"Supportedinterfaces:%@",ifs);idinfo=nil;for (NSString*ifnaminifs){info=(__bridge_transferid)CNCopyCurrentNetworkInfo((__bridgeCFStringRef)ifnam);NSLog(@"%@=>%@",ifnam,info);if(info[infocount]){break;}}returninfo;

Android Development-Get WiFi list

Recently, bloggers are learning frangment framework, so they want to think about it through the listfragment to get the WiFi list.Good!Don't talk nonsense now.I. Basic knowledge of WIFIThe following five statuses are defined in the official Android documentation:Wifi_state_disabling? WiFi card is shutting down? 0wifi_state_disabled?

Android Programming Get network Connection status (3G/WIFI) and call Network Configuration interface

Http:// Get Network Connection Status With the promotion of 3G and WiFi, more and more Android applications need to call network resources and detect the network connection status becomes the necessary function of network application. The Android platform provides the Connectivitymanager class for detection of network connection status. The Android Development documentation describes the ro

Get time through WIFI or GPRS to solve the problem of changing the battery time of Windows Mobile

From: After more than one year, all of my WM5 batteries will be lost. Although some calibration tools appeared online, it seems to be useless to my Atom Exec. So on the basis of the previous version, automatic WIFI connection Internet time calibration and automatic GPRS time calibration were added. C # First, enable and disable the WIFI function. /

Fix Android 6.0 get WiFi MAC address for 02:00:00:00:00:00 problem "go"

This article was reproduced from: article mainly describes the Android 6.0 get WiFi MAC address for 02:00:00:00:00:00 solution, very good, with reference value, need friends can refer to the nextObjective:The previous project was older, the mobile version was relatively low, and it was developed using eclipse. Need to get

Get the Android device WiFi connection status

This article describes how to get the status of your Android device WiFi connection!Add access permissions (in the Androidmanifest.xml file)Java code ( file)Package Com.example.androidtest;import;import; Import Android.os.bundle;import;import Android.content.context;import Android.util.Log;import Android.view

UWP development: Get the user's current network environment (WIFI, mobile network, LAN ...) )

UWP Development: Get the network environment where the user is currently located:In UWP development, sometimes, we need to determine the user's network, is WiFi, or mobile network, to remind users to avoid the loss of user traffic, the UWP provides the user's network of some information, but the specific type, we need further judgment processing. As followsThis static Class I have already written, the use o

Windows Phone Get network type (gsm/cdma/wifi/ethernet)

provide the appropriate services. This requires determining the network state in the application and then taking the appropriate action. public static string Getnetstates () { var info = Microsoft.Phone.Net.NetworkInformation.NetworkInterface.NetworkInterfaceType; Switch (info) { Case NETWORKINTERFACETYPE.MOBILEBROADBANDCDMA: return "CDMA"; Case NETWORKINTERFACETYPE.MOBILEBROADBANDGSM:

Get your Android device WiFi MAC address "MAC address"

; } } } Catch(Exception e) {e.printstacktrace (); } String mac= ""; if(!textutils.isempty (name)) { Try { byte[] address =networkinterface.getbyname (name). Gethardwareaddress (); if(Address! =NULL) {mac=Byte2hex (address, address.length); } } Catch(SocketException e) {e.printstacktrace (); } } if(! Textutils.isempty (MAC) !textutils.isempty (IP)) { returnIP + "_" +mac; } return""; } Private StaticString By

Get WiFi information

Recently, there is a project need to get a mobile phone near the list of WiFi, check a lot of information found, now can only find the SSID of WiFi, and use of private API, can not be audited by the App Store, here record, easy to learn, novice do not spray, Welcome to the Great God (WiFi information acquisition requir

Teach us cmd next click to get all connected WiFi passwords

Teach everyone CMD Next button to get all connected wifi passwords CMD do not know everyone has not often used, but in fact is very powerful, can get all connected WiFi passwords in one click Windows 8,Windows 8.1,Windows has been tested successfully! Windows 7 no conditional test ...How to use:one, run with adminis

Android to get the current connected WiFi signal strength method _android

This article illustrates how Android gets the strength of the currently connected WiFi signal, and is a very common and important skill in Android development. Share for everyone to use for reference. The specific methods are as follows: 1. Get WiFi information that is currently connected Wifimanager Wifi_service = (wifimanager) getsystemservice (wifi_se

How to get WiFi MAC address on Android

1. Frequent usage, call Android Api:wifimanagerWifimanager WiFi = (wifimanager) getsystemservice (Context.wifi_service);Wifiinfo info = Wifi.getconnectioninfo ();return info.getmacaddress ();This method needs to ensure that WiFi has been opened before this boot, otherwise it will return null. So you need to start the background to open WiFi and

Windows phone get WiFi BSSID

Original: Windows phone get WiFi BSSID BSSID, a special Ad-hoc LAN application, also known as basic Service set (BSS), a group of computers that set the same BSS name can be self-formed. Each BSS is given a bssid, which is a 48-bit binary identifier used to identify different BSS. Its main advantage is that it can be used as a filter. BSSID refers to the MAC address of the site, (STA) in an acc

How does Android get the WiFi name, that is, the SSID?

You can use wifimanager and wifiinfo to obtain the current Wi-Fi connection information. Wifimanager = (wifimanager) getsystemservice (wifi_service); wifiinfo = wifimanager. getconnectioninfo (); log. D ("wifiinfo", wifiinfo. tostring (); log. D ("SSID", wifiinfo. getssid ()); Remember to add a license to the manifest File Uses-Permission android:Name="Android. Permission. access_wifi_state">Uses-Permission> If you do not want to get the

Android get system WiFi status etc.

Wifi  Get WiFi statusWifimanager Wifimanager = (wifimanager) context.getsystemservice (Context.wifi_service);if (Wifimanager! = null) {int wifistate = Wifimanager.getwifistate ();}Attached: WiFi status has the following: (in parentheses for the corresponding int value)1. wifimanager.wifi_state_disabled (1)2. Wifimanage

Android Get network type name 2G 3G 4G wifi

First the project manifest file to be referenced:1 2 Get Network Services1 Public StaticString Getnetworktypename (context context) {2 if(Context! =NULL) {3Connectivitymanager connectmgr =(Connectivitymanager) Context.getsystemservice (context.connectivity_service);4 if(Connectmgr! =NULL) {5Networkinfo info =connectmgr.getactivenetworkinfo ();6 if(Info! =NULL) {7 Switch(Info.gettype ()) {8

Counterfeit AP to get WiFi password

Counterfeit the target ap, intercept valid user data packets, and analyze and obtain the Wi-Fi password00x00In today's society, wireless networks are becoming more and more developed. However, no matter whether it is enterprise or self-use wifi hotspots, it does not pay much attention to its security, in addition, some malicious personnel and commercial spies are also using wifi for malicious attacks and da

IOS--------Get the current connected WiFi and IP address

Import Header File#import #import #import + (Nullablensstring*) getcurrentlocalip{NSString *address =Nilstruct Ifaddrs *interfaces =NULL;struct Ifaddrs *temp_addr =NULL;int success =0;Retrieve the current Interfaces-returns 0 on success success = Getifaddrs (interfaces);if (Success = =0) {Loop through linked list of interfaces temp_addr = interfaces;while (temp_addr! =NULL) {if (temp_addr->ifa_addr->sa_family = = af_inet) {Check if interface is En0 which are the

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