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How to let other people in the Trojan Horse-Trojan horse commonly used tricks-security-related

: "How can not open Ah!" "You said:" Ah, not the program is broken? "or say:" Sorry, I sent the wrong! "Then the right thing (the normal game, photos, etc.) to him, he received after the rapturous don't want to have just happened something wrong." 3, QQ fake cheat. Prerequisite: You must first have a QQ number that does not belong to you. Then use that number to his friends to send Trojan program, because trust the owner of the stolen number, his fri

Trojan Programming-hands-on Trojan horse programming with you into the world of Trojans

Prefacebefore we have learned the virus-free technology to kill the signature code, but Trojan people are not feeling or very mysterious, then let me for you to uncover the mystery of the Trojan Horse. first, the basic knowledge1.1. Trojan virusTrojan Horse (

Trojan Horse static variable dynamic DLL Trojan program Disclosure _ Vulnerability Research

with the name of the function stored inside, the program as long as the standard specifications to find the relevant hole to get it to the delicious, the hole is "Application Interface" (Application programming Interface), each DLL has an interface that is different, minimizing the duplication of code to the fullest extent possible. In Steven's words: The API is a toolbox, you need to remove the screwdriver, wrench, and then put them back in place. I

Analyze and clear the Web server on a Trojan horse

of customers lost, but also let us these ordinary users into hackers set traps, into the hacker's broiler. Let's take a look at the most popular hacker attacks here. Hanging Horse's core: Trojan From the word "hang the horse" we can know that this and the Trojan is not separated from the relationship. Indeed, the purpose of hanging a

Clean the Trojan horse program in your own computer _ security related

], [drivers32] These three fields, these sections are also played to load the role of the driver, but also add Trojan program good place, now you should know also to pay attention here. 7, invisible in the startup group Sometimes the Trojans don't care about their whereabouts, it is more attention to the ability to automatically load into the system, because once the Trojan loaded into the system, any way

The chain of the Trojan horse industry

funds, you can get a first-class working environment, first-class technical personnel, first-class after-sales service, as well as the latest theoretical support ... The following figure is the composition of the Trojan economy industry chain: The so-called industrial chain, is the commercialization of the application has formed a complete causal chain, from the development of Trojans to dissemination,

Use two lines of code to solve all the Web Trojan horse (including Iframe/script Trojan)

or hanging the horse problem, this period of time, I gradually feel the pressure, the first big, through QQ or MSN Plus my people more and more, I recently my work has been busy. Hey, think about it, still need time to help everyone. Not long ago, " line of code to solve the IFRAME hanging horse (including server injection, client ARP injection, etc.)" has bee

Virus Trojan scan: manual scan of QQ Trojan Horse stealing

Virus Trojan scan: manual scan of QQ Trojan Horse stealingI. Preface In previous articles "virus Trojan scan and removal 002nd: manually killing pandatv incense", I basically detected and killed the "pandatv incense" virus without using any tools. After all, "pandatv incense" is a relatively simple virus, and it does n

Virus Trojan killing No. 012: The reverse analysis of QQ stealing Trojan horse

thread code is placed in it VirtualAllocEx (Rphandle,null,cb,mem_commit,page_execute_readwrite); Writes the remote thread's code to the remote process's address space writeprocessmemory (RPHANDLE,REMOTETHR, (LPVOID) remote,cb,null); The parameters required by the remote thread are also written to the address space of the remote process writeprocessmemory (Rphandle,remotepar, (LPVOID) rp,cb,null); Create a remote monitoring thread CreateRemoteThread (rphandle,null,0, (Lpthread_start_rout

The technical analysis and research of Trojan horse program

should have services, that is, completely dissolved into the system's core. You might find it strange, just not to say that once an application is running, it must have a process. Indeed, so we can not put him into an application, but instead put him as a thread, a thread from another application, injecting itself into the address space of other applications. And this application for the system, is an absolutely safe program, so that has reached a completely hidden effect, such a result, result

Virus Trojan scan: Reverse Analysis of QQ Trojan Horse stealing

Virus Trojan scan: Reverse Analysis of QQ Trojan Horse stealingI. Preface in this series of articles, if there are no special circumstances in the last part of Virus analysis, I will use reverse analysis to thoroughly analyze the target virus for readers. However, I used three articles (about 2500 words per article) for the previous "pandatv incense" virus to ana

The working principle of the Trojan horse

form to the text.asp of the remote host. And then because the text.asp has Speaking of which, everyone is clear. We constructed two forms, the first form of code is the code for file operations (that is, the contents of the second form are written to the current directory and named NewValue.) ASP's handling of such a section of the code) then the second form of course is the horse we want to write. The following is the specific paragraph: Set Lp=ser

Manual and thorough removal of various methods for Intractable Trojan Horse Trojans

security:Before using this method, you must first know what the trojan file name is. After detecting a Trojan, the antivirus software usually reports its complete file name. You must record the file name accurately first. For example, if the antivirus software prompts that C:/Windows/Hello. dll is Trojan Horse, write

Byshell: A Trojan horse through active defense

estimate that the author has not included in the scope of consideration, if the micro-point of the engineers are interested may wish to get an advanced version of the study, to see if it is really so cow X. If you can go through this big row of well-known kill soft but be slightly easy to win that is happy. How to remove the Trojan that can break through the active defense Patient: I use anti-virus softw

--- Prototype implementation of overflow implanted Trojan Horse (backdoor) Author: flashsky (original)

Author: flashsky (original) Author Email: Site: Statement:The author has no intention of implementing a trojan. The author is not a Trojan developer, but provides a method of combining buffer overflow attacks with Trojans/backdoors,A simple prototype is used to verify the feasibility of this approach, and we can see many features and advantages of this implementation meth

Technical analysis of DLL and Trojan horse

Interface), each DLL has an interface that is different, minimizing the duplication of code to the fullest extent possible. In Steven's words: The API is a toolbox, you need to remove the screwdriver, wrench, and then put them back in place. In Windows, the most basic 3 DLL files are kernel32.dll, User32.dll, and Gdi32.dll. Together, they form the basic system framework. Third, DLL and Trojan A DLL is a compiled code that doesn't make much differen

New Trojan Horse Nameless backdoor Revenge (figure) _ Vulnerability Research

Nameless Backdoor is a new type of DLL Trojan, this Trojan was born not long, but is definitely a very potential Trinidad colt. Speaking of the predecessor of Nameless backdoor, I had to mention the bits and Wineggdrop portless of Yung. These two well-known Trojan horse once all scenery, can be said to be the veteran o

A Trojan horse capture experience on the Centos Server

At this morning, I received a warning message from cloudmonitor saying that the website M was inaccessible. Sleep is sweet. Besides, the website's system is centos. Important data is backed up every day. It should be very safe and I don't care. Go back to bed.At in the morning, the IDC Administrator calls me directly, saying that the network in the entire IDC is very slow, and all the websites in the organization cannot be opened or opened very slowly. A Tro

Using ASP Trojan Horse program to obtain administrative rights

Program | Trojan time before the flooding of the Dynamic Network Forum upload vulnerabilities and the recent spate of various ASP system exposure to upload loopholes, may be a lot of friends in the hands of a lot of Webshell broiler, as to choose how the way these chicks are different, someone to continue to improve the rights, further invasion, Some people just look at, the horse put up after the forgotten

Analysis of Web application client Trojan Horse war scenario (1) exclusive Article] Today, let's talk about the Client Security story of Web applications. This story describes how attackers can launch attacks from the Web application client. This is a very simple but chilling tactic: The reason it is chilling is that attackers can give other users the chance to show their souls and let them do something they don't want to do; the reason for simplicity is that attackers only need to send an email to users or try to

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