how to hack into motorola phone

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Hack Android Phone Graphics lock

The Android phone's graphics lock includes a 3*3,4*4,5*5 dot matrix that connects several dots sequentially to lock/unlock. Take 3*3 as an example, you need to connect at least 4 points and connect up to 9 points at a minimum. In the process of drawing the graph, each of the 9 points is selected, which in fact represents a single digit selected. When we connect 4 points, the resulting graph also indirectly

Hack the password wpjpg format picture of the "Private album" app on your phone

4321 to reset the password!4, reset the default password is 1111, after entering the saved photos are still in. If you delete the password file, the login will let you reset the password and then log in normally, but the photos will not be seen. This means that the images are encrypted using your password. PS: If the album also requires a password after login, only need to pass the password hint question,

WiFi password hack in cdlinux environment

> Prepare the required software and the bootable USB flash drive that was made using Fbinstool in the previous tutorial 2> unzip cdlinux-0.9-spring-0412.iso to the root of the USB stick 3> Open fbinstool edit Menu.lst as followsTimeout 10Default 0Gfxmenu (UD)/message | | Find--set-root/message gfxmenu/messageConfigFile (MD) 4+8Title Start CdlinuxFind--set-root/boot.catKernel/cdlinux/bzimageInitrd/cdlinux/initrdTitle Kon-bootMap--mem (UD)/kon-boot

The most complete browser CSS & JS Hack Handbook in the History of "Essentials" (RPM)

Browsers render pages differently, or even different versions of the same browser ("Outstanding representatives" are IE). As a result, browser compatibility is an essential skill for front-end developers. If there is a browser Hack manual, it is much easier to query. This article will share with you the various browser-specific CSS JavaScript Hack that browserhacks help us collect from the web, and remembe

Hack tool in all-American drama "Hacker Corps"

from freebuf This article mainly enumerates the hacker tools used in the "Mr Robot" TV series, and gives a brief introduction to the hacker tools that they correspond to in reality.Mr. RobotIn 2015, the United States played a TV series on the subject of hacking, believing that the students who watched the hackers ' TV dramas and movies had already seen or were chasing the mysterious Mr Robot, e

Hack all the things:20 devices in minutes

settings, such as changing the login password, and then log in after the modification.(2) Use EMMC, Sd-card like. Connect to EMMC to modify storage.(3)(Not to be continued!!) Cond! )Here are a few comments on YouTube: ' It gives some the ability to make software that would otherwise is incapable of running due to limitations of the OS O R UI. It gives all access to the devices direct underlying OS (typically, if don't always, Linux).

Is there an absolutely safe cell phone in the universe?

iron, a pair of tweezers and a small one.Program. All the messy data on the phone can be dragged down. It seems that the devices that use the central encryption server are relatively safe. But once the data on the device is taken naked, it's all nonsense, because the data on the device contains encryption and decryption programs or components. You don't need any extra effort to crack the device. This principle is the same as that of a

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