how to hide fart in public

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Backdoor technology and Linux LKM rootkit detailed

2010-01-15 10:32 Chinaitlab Chinaitlabfont Size:T | T In this article, we'll look at a variety of backdoor technologies, especially Linux's loadable kernel modules (LKM). We will find that the lkm backdoor is more complex, more powerful, and less

Why we can update the UI in a non-UI thread

Respect the original reprint please specify: from Aigestudio (Http:// Power by aige infringement must investigate!Artillery Zhen LouSee this title ... It is estimated that more than n people will say I am a tease. Because a

Abstract: According to Ma Kou, an Gong (you say it's all about blogging. Why can he write something more sexy and vivid than me ?)

Security Public pass An Gong is not my undergraduate student, but he is a cat. Cats, fat cats, and fat cats. (Refer to the Ancient Dragon wind, cold wind, cold wind) An Gong is a member of the AMI family. According to the description of AMI,

[Reprinted] 130 hilarious quotations

An important task after 1.80 is to manufacture after 08.2. Facts prove that feelings can withstand the storm, but cannot withstand the plain; friendship can withstand the plain, but cannot withstand the storm.3. People have backgrounds, while others

Better than the 315 gala! Touch your ass to steal information from your bank card

Better than the 315 gala! Touch your ass to steal information from your bank card   Yesterday, the CCTV 315 gala revealed a vulnerability on the POSS. Criminals can use the funds on the user card without the bank card or password. Today, I will

A monologue from a teenage computer virus writer

90 's your computer often crashes? Yes, I'm sorry.When I was 17 years old, I had nothing to do, so I taught myself to program it. So I decided to write a virus myself.Don't worry. I completed the two viruses leprosy and leprosy-b are for MS-DOS

Libra Girl character

1, about hypocrisyLibra always avoids the word "hypocrisy" for his summary. I dare say that Libra is the most hypocritical constellation in the constellation of 12.Libra is a good friend of the other 11 constellations.And almost anyone can become

Zhu Bao Jian

First of all to know, what is the owner. Now the network management has become a donkey, a small owner of what? It's nothing. With that in mind, it's easy to solicit. Why, Ruzi can not teach also, first think of themselves as grandchildren, on this

15 Suggestions for it new male: bitter introspection and summary of the bitterness programmer

Many people look on the surface of wussy, in fact, more than anyone in the heart of strong, conceited, vain, even sinister. I see more at work and get used to it.There are people who write about everything on their faces, often offending people on

Why do I hate you?

Four years ago, I moved into this company. After Entering the company for a year and a half, I felt I began to dislike myself.That dislike is the one I find most annoying.I have always hated the kind of guys who beat the lead and are familiar with

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