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Analysis of methods to prevent others from viewing the webpage source code

A friend previously made a website, but was worried about someone copying the content and source code of his website. He asked how to prevent others from viewing the source code of his website? (Who would like to watch his website ...... It's a joke.

How to disable viewing webpage source code)

How to completely disable viewing webpage source code Web page makers often encounter situations where specially crafted Javascript effects are copied by others, but they are helpless. Is there a way to solve this problem? Server-side programming

Prohibit right-click, prohibit source code viewing, and prohibit saving code

1. Right-click prohibited you can right-click the key on the left of Shift + F10 and right CTRL to try it! Check whether the problem can be solved. ^ _ ^ 2. View prohibited informationSource codeRight-click the source file, but the source file is

How to hide the http path!

How to hide the http path! Rt. for the sake of security, find a solution! Reply to discussion (solution) If a file is transferred, you can send an echo to both fread and echo. If a file is transferred, you can send an echo to both fread and echo.

Manually repair IE browser

1. Reasons for Registry Modification and Solutions In fact, this malicious webpage is an ActiveX webpage file containing harmful code. The advertisement information is generated because the browser's registry is maliciously changed. 1. The default

Hide Php,apache,varnish,nginx version information in the browser

The General browser displays information about the server execution script or server version, such as:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Qq20150601173259.jpg "alt="

Chrome browser shortcuts that your Mac thinks you must write down

Several shortcuts that must be remembered by the Chrome browser under MACThanks to Harbin SEO ( and Baidu experience, but as an introduction to the computer professional students, really need

Webpage anti-theft code

Webpage code is the result of the work of the producer. Some people can use browsers or other means to steal the original webpage code. Therefore, we need some preventive measures. Bytes ---------------------------------------------------------------

Chrome for Mac keyboard shortcut! From Google Chrome official website!

From: Hl = ZH-Hans & Answer = 165450Tab and window shortcut Region-n Open a new window. Region-T Open a new tab. Shift-n Open a new window in stealth mode.

Chrome for Mac keyboard shortcuts! From the Google Chrome website!

?-N Opens a new window. ?-T Opens a new tab page. ?-shift-n Opens a new window in Incognito mode. Press ?-o, and then select the file. Open the file on your computer in Google Chrome.

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