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Highlight the use of the search keyword-jquery.highlight.js!

Gossip less, directly look at the need: in an article to find keywords, found after highlighting.This need can be implemented with JS, can be implemented with jquery, but jquery has ready-made plug-in, pro, you do not have to implement it, just to

Detailed description of Lucene highlight

The Org. Apache. Lucene. Search. highlight package of Lucene provides a tool for highlighting search keywords. Use Baidu,During Google search, when the search results are displayed, the entries with the same keywords are highlighted in the abstract,

How to correctly highlight the current navigation in JavaScript-template inheritance? (online etc...) )

Similar to the above navigation, I use the principle of its template inheritance in thinkphp to define a base.html file that contains the generic header header,nav navigation , footer bottom, Other HTML files will inherit the base.html template.

[Vim] custom syntax highlight file Vim syntax highlight Configuration

Document directory Custom syntax File In fact, sequence Vim supports the addition of syntaxes in hundreds of languages. However, the addition of scripts based on syntaxes does not satisfy everyone. Sometimes we want to highlight some specific

We recommend a code highlight plug-in (sublime, github style) -- highlight. js

I often see good-looking highlighted code in some blogs, such as the sublime style and GitHub style. There is no doubt that a good highlight code plug-in will not only make your blog appear higher, but also give you a comfortable reading experience.

A brief analysis of lesser-known attributes in CSS3:-webkit-tap-highlight-color

The-webkit-tap-highlight-color property in CSS, simply speaking, is the background color setting when the phone is clicked. The following article mainly introduces the CSS3 in this little-known attribute:-webkit-tap-highlight-color related

2014 Most Popular JavaScript code highlight plug-in recommendation _ javascript skills

This article recommends the seven most popular JavaScript code highlighting plug-ins this year. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Based on the introduction below, select the one that best suits you. For those who like to write technical

CSS3 little-known attribute-webkit-tap-highlight-color understanding

(a)-webkit-tap-highlight-color this attribute is only available for iOS (iphone and ipad). When you click on a link or a clickable element defined by JavaScript, it will appear with a translucent gray background. To reset this performance, you can

-webkit-tap-highlight-color's understanding

(a)-webkit-tap-highlight-colorThis property is only available for iOS (iphone and ipad). When you click on a link or a clickable element defined by JavaScript, it will appear with a translucent gray background. To reset this performance, you can set-

CKEditor Integration Syntaxhighlighter Highlight plug-in detailed

First, the highlight reference source Plug-ins and modification instructions1, highlighter integration into the FCKeditor Source Address Kend ' s Blog, but he (she) used a DP. Syntaxhighlighter. Modification Description: A, DP. Syntaxhighlighter

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