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From programmer to Project Manager (5): Programmer's gas station--understand the computer more to understand the human brain

Speaking of the programmer three words, I feel both proud and pathetic. It is proud that we were the time-honored, a group of people who truly changed the world; Sadly, many of our programmers who are committed to changing the world are living in their own world, unable to extricate themselves and become "computer geeks" after "nerds". Computer is only a tool, we

Books that every programmer should read-a list of famous computer programmer books

. By the time you prepare to read this book, you should have known and practiced 99% concepts in the book. -Esac2. programmer CultivationRecommendation: 1504This is an excellent book for programmers who have learned programming mechanisms. Maybe they are still in school, but they do not feel very safe about what they want to do. Just like the difference between sketch and architecture. Although you learned drawing in school classes, you can also draw

A little thought on "How to become a programmer" for non-computer majors _ Programmer

job is software development, and then in the field of consulting and sales for many years, and then back to the development of the field of old code farmers, I was very understanding of the classmate's tangled mood. But it's not enough to keep a job going, and if you can't always do things better than the people around you, your enthusiasm will fade away and you'll start to wonder if your decision is right and whether your insistence is meaningful. So, my advice is to give yourself a period of

Computer Classics Book collection (suitable for computer students and Programmer's Test, interview)

(first volume): Basic, data structure, sorting and searching", 5. "C Algorithm (second volume): Graph algorithm", 6. "Algorithm Art and Informatics Contest", 7. Design and analysis of computer algorithms 6 Floor Programmer's comprehensive articleThis article contains: 1. "Programmer Interview Guide", 2. "Programmer Interview Book", 3. "Game tour-My programming S

What computer skills does the "reprint" programmer have to make the layman feel magical?

is cool, this is not good, in line with the maintenance of justice, purify the purpose of the network environment, we decided to stand up.At that time, Windows has a net send command, you can display a dialog box on the other machine, like this,We changed the name of our computer to "Network Center", sent a message to the third floor machine, from "Network Center" to "XXXX" message: "Zhu XX classmate, we detected that you are browsing unheal

What computer skills does a programmer have to make a layman feel magical?

, this is not good, in line with the maintenance of justice, purify the purpose of the network environment, we decided to stand up.At that time, Windows has a net send command, you can display a dialog box on the other machine, like this,We changed the name of our computer to "Network Center", sent a message to the third floor machine, from "Network Center" to "XXXX" message: "Zhu XX classmate, we detected that you are browsing unhealthy webs

How to get started with computer language and become a novice programmer

charged, if you are a student, you can enjoy the benefits of student eligibility (free use of related software, details Baidu)If you have never been in touch with a computer language, my advice is to learn JavaScript, the environment is too simple, a browser is doneDo not complicate the program, just a few if else several methods, a bunch of variables, subtraction ah. If you look at someone else and look at C's stdlib.h, main inside adds a line syste

Programmer takes you 10 days Quick Start Python, play turn computer software development (i)

language Pack: will find two versions of the Python language pack. So how exactly should we make the choice? Is the difference between the two. We recommend using the 2.x version in our learning phase.2. Installation of the development tools.Development tools we use Pycharm. Yes: We choose to download the community version. The default installation is available.(Optional configuration)For ease of use, we configure the environment varia

2016 How do programmers choose computers? Programmer Computer Recommendation

How programmers Choose Computers In commercial office, there are so special with a group of people, every day to face the dense programming code, they are programmers. Programmers on the computer performance requirements are high, not only need to deal with complex operations and become, more competent multitasking, a good desktop computer is a better choice, to ensure the stability of complex work complet

Dark Horse Programmer---Hierarchical structure and principle of computer network

, and realizes the functions of congestion control and network interconnection. Transport layer is responsible for providing users with end-to-end communication services, flow control and error control; The application layer provides network services for the application. 8.TCP/IP architecture 9.OSI7 Layer System structure Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission no

Computer Small white Learning software development-c# Choice statement, exception capture, offensive programmer

process is roughly:Else indicates that the above conditions do not establish the code to execute else.: Indicates and|| : Indicates orEffect:Please write the above code three times and above in vs.Switch syntax:switch is not very useful in comparison with If. For example: Switch can only differentiate between different individual items. Determine what the value of S is and then execute the corresponding code, So we're dividing the score by 10 to take its quotient as a switch projec

Dark Horse Programmer-Apple Computer and development tools Xcode shortcut keys and Common UNIX instructions-my record

document first), and then restart your computerControl option-command-eject key to exit all applications (will let you store changes made to the open document first), and then turn off the computerFn-delete forward Delete (for portable Mac built-in keyboard)CONTROL-F1 Toggle full Keyboard control on or offControl-f2 Focus Menu BarCONTROL-F3 Spotlight DockControl-f4 Focus active window or next windowShift-control-f4 focus on an active windowControl-f5 Focus toolbar.Control-f6 Focus on the first

Dark Horse Programmer---C basic 6 "#include指令" "Modular Programming" "Computer-based" "native code, inverse code, complement" "Bitwise operator"

do subtraction, the original code to calculate the negative 0;"Bitwise operator"1, bitwise operatorsA binary calculation; applied only to an integral type.1) Bitwise AND: 94=0, with 1 The result is 1, 0 result is 0; any cardinality and 1 are 1; even and 1 are 0;2) | The bitwise OR 1 is 1, the same 0 is 0;3) ~ 1 0,0 change to 1;4) ^ Bitwise XOR or Same as 0, different 15) >> Right shift each binary all right shift n bit, low drop, high 0, equivalent to the original number/2^n;6) 2, Practical:An

Jean bartik, the world's first computer female programmer, Google

In the past 50 years, few people have remembered the women behind the world's first computer ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and computer). As the world's first programmer, they created the software industry. A month ago, Computer History Museum-CHM awarded the lifetime achievement award to one of the world's ea

Computer programmer + study 1 life Summary

little ashamed. I have not really engaged in several open-source projects. I have read some open-source projects written by others. In the next two months, I plan to build a distributed open-source crawler, crawl SNS data such as the human network, and publish it to the public. I feel that most of my labs are full of mixed life and there are only a few things I really want to do. In this environment, we need to strengthen our own recuperation and access more technologies. I hope to read more b

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