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Install Oracle 10g and SQLServer2008 (learn to use VirtualBox virtual machines to install computer-saving resources only)

SERVICESQL serverreporting ServicesselectedNETWORK SERVICESQL serverintegration ServicesselectedNETWORK SERVICE22. Select "Hybrid login"------->sa/sa username/password Root/root23. Add an administrator account, you can have multiple24. You can select multiple, refer to the above method; Next25.Select the "Install native mode default configuration" entry. 26. "Next Step"27. No "Failed", "next"28. Direct "Install

Ubuntu users use commands to install VirtualBox 4.3.8

VirtualBox is a powerful x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtual machine product that can be used at home or enterprise level. It is a high-performance, free and open-source software with friendly interfaces and ease of use. The latest version of VirtualBox 4.3.8 has been released. It mainly refers to patch repair. How to install

Use VirtualBox in Ubuntu to install MacOSXMavericks (10.9)

virtualbox-4.3_4.3.14-95030 ~ Ubuntu ~ Raring_amd64.deb package. Run the following command to install the SDK: $ Sudo dpkg-I virtualbox-4.3_4.3.14-95030 ~ Ubuntu ~ Raring_amd64.deb $ sudo dpkg -i virtualbox-4.3_4.3.14-95030~Ubuntu~raring_amd64.deb Or directly click the installation package. ubuntu will

How to use Putty login to install Ubuntu in VirtualBox

Tags: operating system local TTY down QR code markdown body Connection PuttyI installed the Ubuntu operating system with VirtualBox in the Windows operating system.It is not very convenient to operate Ubuntu terminal in VirtualBox, for example I want to copy some commands from Windows to Ubuntu Terminal. This cross-system copy-and-paste operation is supported by Putty.

Use Virtualbox in Ubuntu8.04 to install the WinowsXP Virtual Machine

After the installation is done first: in fact, it is very convenient to use Virtualbox to install WinXP in Ubuntu8.04, but there are several points to note: 1. after Virtualbox is installed, add users to the vboxusers user group. vboxusers is the group automatically created when vbox is installed, and sudoadduserithurr

How to use Putty login to install Ubuntu in VirtualBox

I installed the Ubuntu operating system with VirtualBox in the Windows operating system.It is not very convenient to operate Ubuntu terminal in VirtualBox, for example I want to copy some commands from Windows to Ubuntu Terminal. This cross-system copy-and-paste operation is supported by Putty. VirtualBox cannot adjust the font size in the console, and putty can

Use VirtualBox to install Windows XP in Fedora9

Article Title: Use VirtualBox to install Windows XP under Fedora9. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. I. Installation Go to the official VirtualBox homepage http://www.

Install and use Windows on virtualbox

Download and install virtualbox today, create a new Vm of 2003 on it, then install and run it. It feels like a word: Fast! Almost catch up with the host speed (my host has 256 MB of memory and allocated MB to guest. It is estimated that comrades with higher memory can directly run SQL SERVER + Visual Studio on it ). The only unpleasant thing is network connec

(Original) LAMP tutorial 4-use VirtualBox to install 64-bit centos6.4

(Original) LAMP tutorial 4-use VirtualBox to install 64-bit centos6.4 Okay. Today we will start to talk about some nutritious things. Yes, no error. It is about how to use VirtualBox to install 64-bit centos6.4. First open your

Install and use Ubuntu-virtualbox

When I got back from work, I started my computer and never heard any songs since I installed ubuntu. QQ music cannot be used. Install wine and try again. In the end, I decided to install a virtual machine as usual. I used to use VMware desktop all the time. I felt very resource-consuming, especially for my old man, it is only available when it is not available. I

Use Virtualbox to install Win7 in Ubuntu12.10

1. download the file 1. Download virtualboxhttps: // debpackage downloaded through gdebican be directly installed. GDebi can be installed through the following command: $ sudoapt-getinstallgdebigdebi-core2. Download win7 image Windows 7 flagship 32-bit SP 1. Download an object 1. Download virtualbox Https:// The downloaded. deb package can be directly installed through

Use VirtualBox in Vista to install Ubuntu8.04

becomes useless after you select Asia/Shanghai. You cannot use the tab key to move the focus. The worst thing is that, the size of the installer window of 7.1 cannot be adjusted. Therefore, 7.1 cannot be installed. There is no way to install 7.1. Fortunately, a 8.04 installation disk was installed a few days ago, but I felt that the upgrade was troublesome and I had never installed it. If you change the 8.

Use VirtualBox to install WinXP under Fedora9

1. Install VirtualBox on Fedora9 first go to the official VirtualBox Homepage. Some warnings may appear during the installation process, because you have not installed the kernel-devel package and have not performed any related configuration. Ii. Configuration 1. Add 1. Install Vir

Use the VirtualBox virtual machine to install Ubuntu graphics and text tutorial

The previous article describes how to install the VirtualBox virtual machine, as you can now describe how to use VirtualBox to build virtual machines and install virtual systems. Here, install the virtual system with the ISO imag

Use virtualbox in Ubuntu to install Mac OS X mavericks (10.9)

startup guide of hackboot_mav.iso, right-click the OSX boot page and choose start mavericks (green light). Press enter to start the system: Start the Mac OS x mavericks Virtual Machine file and enter the Mac OS X setting country: Enter the user name and initial password: After completing other installation steps, do not start or register iCloud, and enter the Mac OS X system successfully: Choose "System Preferences" from the Apple menu> "Security and Privacy" and select "any source" (used t

Use VirtualBox to install Rhel 6.2+oracle 11g____oracle

not give the suffix name confused, it is best not to decompress; 3, because the current VirtualBox addon do not know to eat Rhel 6.2, so the shared directory can not be directly to Rhel access to these two files. Because I chose the desklop way before, the default no FTP service, the use of online smlclient and so on, so the use of a stupid method: the

Install virtualbox on Ubuntu 7.10 ● set the permission to use USB connector

1. choose system> Management> user and group> Management Group (m ): "usbusers" is added to the group. (Note that this section will be used to set the usb fs step under "group awareness ), and users who use vitualbox will be checked. 2. Start the terminal and run the following command: sudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/40-permissions.rules Find: # USB devices (usbfs replacement)SUBSYSTEM=="usb_device", MODE="0664" Convert: # USB devices

(Formerly known as us ii security): how to install Quartus II in virtualbox? (SOC) (Quartus II) (virtualbox)

. This article mainly describes the settings and precautions for installing Quartus II in the VM. The vm I use is the virtualbox [1] of Oracle. This is a completely free Vm, with no copyright and many features. This article will discuss the following topics: 1. How to install virtualbox? 2. How to

Install VirtualBox under Mac and install it in VirtualBox CentOS7

VirtualBox(encyclopedia) VirtualBox is an open-source virtual machine software. VirtualBox was developed by the German Innotek company, software produced by Sun Microsystems Company Sun Microsystems, which was written in QT and formally renamed Oracle VM after Sun was acquired by Oracle Virtualbo X. Innotek releases VirtualBo

Install CentOS VMS using VirtualBox, and VirtualBox cannot install 64-bit Linux CentOS solution

automatically postpone the next reboot to take effect.How do I determine if VT is turned on or off?1) If your processor is Intel, you can use this free detection tool to verify that you have successfully turned on VT:Intel Official Detection ToolAs shown, it means that the VT is successfully turned on:2) AMD's processor can download this tool:AMD Official Testing Tools3) Microsoft has also provided a testing tool, you can also try:Microsoft Official

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