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Install and configure Apache 9.0 in RedHat Linux 2.2

Environment: VMware Workstation 7.1 + RedHat Linux 9.0 Installation steps: 1. Download The apache2.2.18.tar.gz installation package; 2. copy to the root directory: # cp apache2.2.18.tar.gz ~ 3. Go to the root directory, decompress: cd, press enter, tar-xvzf apache2.2.18.tar.gz, and decompress 4. Go to the apache2.2.18 directory. 5. Run the following command to install

Redhat Install Apache + gd1.8.3 + php4 + tomcat + sybase + Oracle + MySQL Golden Raiders

, can not be ping localhost, must be ping your IP success, this is Kevin has been experimenting for an afternoon time Just discover the secret yo! ^_^ 2. Install JDK #cd/usr/local #tar-ZXVF jdk1_2_2-linux.tar.gz #ln-S jdk122 JDK #ln-S Jdk122/jre JDK This completes the installation of the JDK 3. Installation oracle8.1.6 The setting of environment variables and the installation of JDK must be completed before Oracle is installed [Root@oradb/root]$ #以

In RedHat Linux, how does one install virtualbox guest additions? (SOC) (Linux) (RedHat) (virtualbox)

AbstractThis article describes how to install virtualbox guest additions in RedHat Linux. IntroductionEnvironment: Windows XP SP3 + virtualbox 4.1.2 + RedHat Linux 5.4 To install virtualbox guest additions in Windows, you only n

Install apache + gd1.8.3 + php4 + tomcat + sybase + oracle + mysql on RedHat

apache installed in the/www directory tomcat installed in the/usr/local/jakarta-tomcat Directory install jdk on/usr/ Local/jdk122 Directory, data preparation 1paiapache_1312.tar.gz 21_php-404.tar.gz small 4, sybase11.9.2 package: sybase-common-1192-1i386.rpm sybase-ase-1192-1i386.rpm sybase-monserver-1192-1i386.rpm sybase-openclient-1111-1i386.rpm sybase-sqlremote-602-1i386.rpm 5、oracle8.1.6.tar 6, mysql3.

Install apache + gd1.8.3 + php4 + tomcat + sybase + oracle + mysql on RedHat

After reading the installation experience of many online users in php, jsp, sybase, oracle, apache, and other aspects, I found that many of them are repeated and incomplete, based on my long-term summary of the above various types of things, I have referred to relevant documents and articles by netizens, and have personally practiced them, in RedHat6.2, apache1.3.12 + gd1.8.3 + php4.04 + tomcat + sybase11.9.2 + oracle8.1.6 + mysql3.22.27 will all be p

Apache configuration in RedHat Linux 6.4

Apache configuration in RedHat Linux 6.4 RedHat yum source of CentOS for Linux 6.4 Enterprise Edition. Install and configure apache. 1. install

Linux Redhat 6.5 Apache virtual directory and multi-port multiple host name configuration

志 To modify the DNS resolution master configuration file vim/etc/named.conf Front number for Vim editor serial number Listen-on Port 53 {;}; Modify the server address for your own IP address allow-query {any;}; The listening port is for all Vim/etc/named.rfc1912.zones Modifying a zone configuration file Add two forward parsing echo "NameServer" >/etc/resolv.conf Add DNS Resolution DNS resolution detailed configuration- -Differ

Linux Redhat 6.5 Apache log split

DNS domain name resolution Master Profile Zone profile zone data file and then restart two services Web-type production view record Hanging in shared files decompression awstats-7.6 Create a directory for mount points Hanging on host shared files Tar zxvf awstats-7.6.tar.gz-c/opt/Extract Files MV awstats-7.6//usr/local/awstas Easy to manage Cd/usr/local/awstats/tools configuration file ./ execution Config file path (' None ' to skip Web server Setup):

I am installing the Apache-2.0.44 process under Redhat Linux 6.2

I am the first time oh ... Cost me an all-night, failed four times, finally installed successfully found that the original is their own carelessness, Hongo, just loaded Apache to come up to the successful installation of the process written down ... This article is dedicated to the first Super rookie to contact Linux like me, ^_^ When I install redhat6.2, FTP and

I redhat Linux 6.2 installation of Apache-2.0.44 process _php Tutorial

I am the first time oh ... Cost me an all-nighter, failed four times, the final installation success only to find that the original is their own carelessness, offering, just installed Apache will come up to the successful installation of the process written down ... This article is dedicated to the Super rookie who was in touch with Linux like me, ^_^ I installed redhat6.2, FTP and HTTP and database are not

How to install Oracle Enterprise Linux/RedHat Linux 6.0 USB flash drive

How to install fedora 15: Day 1 Method 1: Use ultraiso to directly write ISO to the hard disk image .. The result cannot be started. Method 2 Use liveusb-creator The 64-bit live CD cursor of Fedora remains in the upper left corner forever. Unable to boot .. Method 3 syslinux Why am I still preparing for DVD installation? Method 4 an online user said that the DVD version does not have an image file and that the installation menu

Install jdk-6u45-linux-x64.bin in RedHat Linux

Install jdk-6u45-linux-x64.bin in RedHat Linux 1. Download jdk-6u45-linux-x64.bin from Oracle Download file: jdk-6u45-linux-x64.bin 2. Copy jdk-6u45-linux-x64.bin to/usr/java 3 go to th

Java Programmer Rookie Advanced (13) Linux Basics (a) vmvare install Linux Redhat diagram (Ultra detail) __linux

install the operating system later Choose Linux here, version select Redhat Here to share the virtual machine memory based on personal memory size Here you choose to share the disk size, not as much as how much Configure the operating system to start when the power is started Configure the

Linux Study Notes [2] install software under RedHat Enterprise 5.4

After the OS is installed, you can add your favorite software for Linux. The following uses installing QQ as an example to demonstrate how to install software in Linux. Download QQ fro Linux from link page [ In this link page, you

Install RedHat Linux in Windows XP

Install RedHat Linux in Windows XPDownload VMWare, decompress it, and follow the prompts to install VMWare on the hard disk.(1) create a virtual machineA. Double-click the "vmware workstation" icon on the desktop to run the VM.B. Create a virtual machine. Click "file"-"New" -- "newvirtual machine (Create virtual machin

Linux player-install MPlayer and SMPlayer in RedHat

Foreword although the death of Linux Desktop is one of the top ten IT predictions, there is still a process to adapt as a beginner's operating system completely to Linux. In particular, I want to see a film or something (O ( cap; _ cap;) O ~), The player is indispensable. The player that comes with RedHat is not so easy to use. This article briefly introduces th

How to install the server and Redhat LAN on a Linux network using vsFTPd

How to install the server and Redhat LAN on a Linux network using vsFTPd-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information-see the following for details. To verify that Linux is installed on a LAN, an experiment wa

Use vsftp to install the server on a Linux Network and the Redhat LAN

Install the server on a Linux network using vsftp and the solution for Redhat LAN installation-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For more information, see the following. To verify that Linux is ins

RedHat Linux AS5 install Oracle 10g

. Download related packages to other links for Installation 2. When the openmotif-* package is installed, the libXp. so.6 package is required. I am too lazy to install libXp-* directly by using rpm -*. 3. Configure Linux for Oracle 1. Create a group and a user * The user account is called oracle, and the group is called oinstall and dba. Command: /Usr/sbin/groupadd oinstall/Usr/sbin/groupadd dba/Usr/sbin/us

Install PHP SELinux protection in RedHat Linux 5

In RedHat Linux 5, install PHP SELinux protection and restart apache in the last step. The following error is reported: Httpd: Syntax error on line 53 of/usr/local/apache/conf/httpd. conf: Cannot load/usr/local/apache/modules/li

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