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Install Avast antivirus software in Ubuntu (figure)

The Linux community will introduce how to install anti-virus software (Avast) that can be used in Ubuntu. In the past, this site also published "Install Avast antivirus software in Ubuntu" at AVAST is a famous anti-virus software company. AvastHomeEdition is a domestic and non-commercial version, AvastLinux The Linux community will introduce how to install an

Hate 3721 of friends and install avast! Antivirus

Install avast! Antivirus is mainly because it is free and you do not want to use anti-virus software version D. At that time, I saw that the introduction could block 3721, and I didn't care too much. I was also bored with 3721, but I still didn't get to the point where "3721 and dogs are not allowed", but I really didn't like dogs. I don't want to talk about it. Today I suddenly found that this stuff is

Install avast antivirus software in ubuntu

I tried avastforwin anti-virus software for a while before and found that this software is okay. Although many people say that installing anti-virus software on linux does not make much sense, it may be true for the time being. However, there are

Install Avast antivirus software in Ubuntu (figure)

() Avast anti-virus software free for home users in Ubuntu is a good anti-virus software, but you must register it to get the registration code. It is a top-level anti-virus software for both home and non-commercial use. The premise is that both the

Puppy + Avast build a Linux mobile anti-virus Platform

say they are soy milk and fried dough sticks.OwnLinux.cnCreate your own Linux mobile anti-virus platform! Take it to scan for viruses on other Windows computers ~ A little interesting! Next, let's look at it! I. What do you need to build a Linux mobile anti-virus platform using Puppy + Avast: 1.Puppy Linux 4.00 ISO file (87.1 MB) MD5 Verification Code 7bce88db3067c3200247ae81d13d4e7f 2.Avast Linux Home Edition (Free Version) 3.A USB flash drive with a size of at least MB can also be used for i

How to use linux

can also perform normal two-way access and data transmission with computers in the LAN. Task 22: install a network printer or shared printer in the Lan and print a test page. if the printer is on your computer, share the printer, install the shared printer on another computer and print a test page Task 23: install AVAST for Linux and use it to check whether your USB disk has viruses. Task 24: Download and

Why choose UbuntuLinux?

personally like it for the following reasons: 1. Use Open-Source Software (Free Software) instead of private software, not pirated software. This is a conceptual and initial reason for making a choice. 2. Low Probability of poisoning. The virus is not a patent for Windows. If there is no Windows in the world, there is already a computer virus. The virus in Linux also exists, but it is still rare. It takes time for the virus to spread. Pay attention to and promptly update the security software (

How to Use the avast license file? Avast license file usage

license (expired on February 6)Avast! Network security software license (expiration date)Avast! Network security software license (expired on February 6)Avast! Network security software license)Avast! Network security software license (expired on February 11)1. Download and install avast! After the installation is complete, such:2. Click "set" in the middle to enter the following interface:3. Click "contra

Powerful anti-virus software Avast in Linux

The powerful anti-virus software Avast in Linux-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. For more information, see the following. Start wingofray In XP, I like anti-virus software very much. Because his family version is free permanently, the virus library is updated fast, the system resources are occupied less, the automatic protection function is comprehensive, and the interface is very beautiful, of course, strong anti-virus capabilities are beyond doubt. Ther

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