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Distributed Key-value Storage System: Cassandra entry

Apache Cassandra is an open-source Distributed Key-value storage system. It was initially developed by Facebook to store extremely large data. Cassandra is not a database, it is a hybrid non-relational database, similar to Google's bigtable. This

NoSQL database Cassandra (i)

With the development of Internet technology, the requirement of data storage is high, there is high demand in capacity, security, backup, high availability and so on, the popular relational database has SQL Server, MySQL, Orcale, etc.,

Cloud Insight now supports monitoring Cassandra!

What is Cassandra?Apache Cassandra is known for its scalability and fault-tolerant distributed database systems. Cassandra originated from a project that Facebook originally created in Amazon Dynamo and Google BigTable, and has since grown into an

How to install and deploy Cassandra distributed NoSQL Database

How to install and deploy Cassandra distributed NoSQL Database Apache Cassandra is an open-source Distributed Key-Value storage system. It was initially developed by Facebook to store particularly large data. Cassandra is suitable for real-time

Use ycsb to test cassandra Performance

For installation and configuration of java, maven, and ycsb, see this blog: blog. csdn. neths794262825articledetails17309845 this blog introduces how to install cassandra and how to use ycsb to test cassandra in cassandra. apache. orgdownload

Run Cassandra on a single node on Windows

Cassandra can be installed on many systems. I installed it on Windows Server 2008 R2. The installation is quite simple. You just need to extract the downloaded compressed package to a directory, here we will mainly record the user experience:

Cassandra authoritative guide

Cassandra authoritative guide   Basic Information Author: (US) Eben Hewitt [Translator's introduction] Translator: Wang Xu Series name: Turing programming Series Press: People's post and telecommunications Press ISBN: 9787115251121 Mounting time: 2

Cassandra Non-relational database

Because of the Cassandra non-relational database used in the work, summarize common operations. Cassandra is written in the Java language, so you first need to install the JDK before you install it. The version you use is apache-cassandra-2.1.11-bin.

Cassandra Cluster configuration

1. Basic Configuration First, you need to prepare 3 or more computers. The following assumes 3 computers running a Linux operating system with IP addresses of,, and The system needs to install the Java

Cassandra installation and simple trial

Official homepage:Http:// Introduction:The Apache Cassandra project develops a highly scalable second-generation distributed database, bringing together Dynamo's fully distributed design and bigtable's columnfamily-based data

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