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Python study note 08: Install django and pythondjango

Python study note 08: Install django and pythondjango Install django in linux: Sudo pip install django Install django in windows: Pip install django Verify that django is installed: Python-m django -- version Switch the directory to E: \ SourceCode

Install Django in Windows and Django in Windows

Install Django in Windows and Django in Windows Django is a very popular open-source web framework. Based on the MVC model, it emphasizes rapid development and has many powerful third-party plug-ins, developers can use these plug-ins to quickly

Install Django in Windows

Install Django on Windows   RecentCommunityThere are many questions about Django installation. Here I will summarize them. First, prepare the relevant software: Python 2.4.3 PIL for py2.4 Mysqldb for py2.4 Django 1, 0.95

CentOS Install Django

To install Django on CentOS, there should be 3 ways to install Pip, git, and source code.PIP installation Comparison list, the steps are as follows:1. DownloadMkdir/install/djangoCd/install/djangowget

[Python] install Django in ubuntu, connect MySQLdb to the database [XMAPP], and djangomysqldb

[Python] install Django in ubuntu, connect MySQLdb to the database [XMAPP], and djangomysqldb   By default, python2.7 and 3.4 are installed in Ubuntu. Here, Django is installed through pip (tool for installing and managing Python packages ). Install

Ways to install Django and create projects using Python

This article describes how to install Django using Python and how to create a project The example described below is performed under python2.7 and the python3.x operation is the same (and can be omitted from the environment configuration) View PIP

Python: Install django and create a project. pythondjango Project

Python: Install django and create a project. pythondjango Project The example below is carried out in python2.7, And the python3.X operation is the same (and environment configuration can be omitted) View pip version Install django. "1.10.3" is the

Install Django on Apache with Mod_wsgi on Linux

--sudo apt-get install python-mysqldb--Install Django--sudo apt-get install Mysql-serverRoot/root123--sudo apt-get install apache2--sudo apt-get install Libapache2-mod-wsgi-MkDir ~/documents/sandbox/djcode--Vim Firstweb.wsgiImport OSImport

CentOS install PIP, use Pip to install Django

Python version to 2.7.x or above, if Python is not installed execute the following command installation: wget (或者通过其他方式下载后放在某个路径下) tar -zxvf Python-2.7.8.tgz cd Python-2.7.8

WINDOW10 install Django and create the first Django project

1. Enter pip install django==1.11.7in cmd and install the version: When the installation is complete, enter:>>> Import django>>> Print (Django.get_version ())If the version number appears, the installation is complete.3. Add an environment

Install Django-timesheet (wheezy)

The boss said that he would like to build a demo version of the time table tool for him to see and find a few solutions. He still prefers timesheet. I have never touched on Django before, and it is full of pitfalls in the process. The final steps

Compile python on Dreamhost and install django

Compile python on Dreamhost and install django-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. Python 2.5 installation steps: Wget

Install Django in Windows

Install Django and start Web Services in Windows If you are using Linux or Mac OS X, the system may have pre-installed python. EnterPythonIf the python editing environment appears, it indicates that python has been installed. Even if python is not

Install django and debugging tools

Install django and debugging tools Now let's talk about installing django and its related tools. Django installation is also very simple. You can download the latest version from the official The

python2.6 using PIP to install Django error

Before this problem, because there is no record, so the second time the pit, so the record of the retention processingcentos6.5, default python2.6, pip1.5.4Installing DjangoPip Install DjangoExecution Result:downloading/unpacking Django downloading

Python notes Install Django

Recent bursts of several blog are online, and then think of Windows Live write can write, but the installation of the time is not installed, and later found that Dotnet 2.0 has not been supported on the WIN10, so now try to use word2016 to publish a

How to install Django on nginx reverse proxy server ~

‘‘‘server { listen 12345; server_name; charset UTF-8; client_max_body_size 75M; location /static { expires 30d; autoindex on; add_header Cache-Control private; alias /home/zhangsan/

Windows7 below to teach you to install Django-hongten

I use the operating system is Windows7, memory is 2GIn search of some data found that the Django installation, the detailed really very few, are said to be very simplified, however, this blog can teach you to successfully install DjangoFor more

Django (a)---install Django

Prepare the virtual environment: Python Development Virtual EnvironmentPre-Installation Preparation1. Download Django:django DownloadThis article uses the django-1.5.9 (the difference between different versions is still relatively large, do not make

PYTHON TDD Learning (i)-->python 3.4 version Environment install Django and its startup

1. Install Python3.4 version, Reason: 3.4 and later version default comes with Pip tool, very useful2.django installation Command (c:\Python34\Scripts): Pip install Django3.selenium installation Command (c:\Python34\Scripts): Pip Install Selenium4.

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