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CentOS7 two ways to install Epel

Epel is a library of free open source release packages that are strongly created in the community.EPEL, extra Packages for Enterprise Linux, is a set of high-quality, additional packages for business-class Linux, including but not limited to red Hat

How to install EPEL in CentOS7/RHEL7

EPEL, short for Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux, is a set of high-quality additional software Packages for Enterprise Linux, including but not limited to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL ), centOS and Scientific Linux (SL), Oracle Enterprise Linux

Install EPEL source in CentOS 6.X

Install EPEL source in CentOS 6.X There are not many software sources available in CentOS 6.X. Sometimes, you need to find some software with a single command, so there is no source. Considering that the software source can be installed

Install Epel extension source and install Tmux in CENTOS6

Environment CentOs 6.4 Installation Question: CentOs 6.4 has no tmux in the software library and cannot be installed? Workaround: Command line enter the following command to download the installation Epel source The code is as

CentOS6.X install EPEL source

There are not many software sources available in CentOS6.X. sometimes, you need to find some software with a single command, so there is no source. considering that the software source can be installed automatically with the yum command, therefore,

How to install epel source to RHEL/centos 7/6/5

Run the wget command to download and install the RPM file. RHEL/centos 7 64 bit # RHEL/centos 7 64-bit ### Wget rpm-IVH epel-release-7-0.2.noarch.rpm RHEL/centos 6 32-6

CentOS Mount NTFS file system

The CentOS system does not recognize the NTFS file system by default, such as inserting a U-disk, or Windows/linux dual systems, which cannot be read. After searching to read the CentOS wiki, you can install ntfs-3g to enable CentOS support to mount

Mysql+amoeba+mysqlmmm High-availability clusters

One, mysql-mmm (master-master Replication Manager fo MySQL) MMM overview Dual-master failover and routine management procedures Consists of multiple MySQL master servers and multiple MySQL slave servers MMM is developed using the

Installation of php5.6

Installing PHP5PHP Official website: www.php.netCurrent mainstream version is 5.6/7.1MySQL and Apache must be installed before installing PHP.Download and Unzipcd /usr/local/src/wget zxvf php-5.6.

LNMP One-click Deployment scripts (including module installation, php7,openresty+ cache, etc.)

LNMP One-click Deployment scriptPersonal gitpage:!/bin/bash# #DATE: 2016-7-25# #USER: owelinux## #install wallet###### #install mysql################################# ################ #yum-y install cmake ncurses-devel

Installing Nginx under CENTOS65

This demo is in CentOS6.5/' target= ' _blank ' > CentOS6. 5Install Nginx under operating system Operating system:CentOS6. 5/' target= ' _blank ' >CentOS6. 5-x86-64 Nginx Version: nginx-release-centos-6-0.el6.ngx.noarch.rpm Nginx Download Address:

centos-6.4 Yum EPEL

The first use of CentOS, a lot of not used to record.First install Epel, otherwise the default package is very poor: (see: Install-epel-and-additional-repositories-on-centos-and-red-hat)sudo yum

Install python scientific computing library on centos 7

Install python scientific computing library on centos 70. Build a Python Development Environment (vimplus) in a Linux environment 0.1 preparations Install CentOS7 and configure the network to ensure smooth network connection.0.2root

Nagios Enterprise Monitoring Explained

NagiosEnterprise Monitoring explanationfirst, about NagiosNagioss is a classic old brand monitoring, along with a generation of operations engineers road growth, even now is also widely used in enterprises. Nagios has three features that determine

The little trick of Linux __linux

1. Install Epel source Epel (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) is a project based on Fedora that provides additional packages for the operating system of the Red Hat system, for Rhel, CentOS, and scientific Linux. It has many normal machine

CentOS7 installation PHP7.0

In Centos7, the PHP7 is installed via Yum, which is first run at the terminal: You need to install Epel-release first. 1. Install Epel-release by command: Yum-y Install Epel-release Successfully installed. 2. Install PHP7 Centos/rhel

Linux LVS+KEEPALIVED+HTTPD Configuration

Nat Mode#!/bin/bash#开启director服务器上的路由转发功能:Echo 1 >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward# Turn off ICMP redirectionecho 0 >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/all/send_redirectsecho 0 >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/default/send_redirectsecho 0

Redis Installation and simple application

1. System Environment: CENTOS7.2--X86_64[email protected] ~]# Cat/etc/centos-releaseCentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core)[email protected] ~]# uname-aLinux salt1 3.10.0-327.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Thu Nov 22:10:57 UTC x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 gnu/linux2.

Centos 7 uses 163 yum Source

Centos 7 uses 163 yum Source This article describes how to use the 163 yum source. Download. you can install the repo source, but sometimes we need to install some additional Packages, so we need to download the Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux

Install yum source for centos 6.2

Installing yum sources for centos 6.2 is not rich enough. For ease of use, I often borrow a third-party yum source. Every time you try again, it is too troublesome. In this summary, it is also convenient for future use. I am currently using a 64-bit

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