how to install joomla in cpanel

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Joomla Installation Graphics Tutorial (send Joomla Chinese language pack)

1, first download Joomla source programHome: Download2, create a database for the forum. Enter the cpanel panel, select the Mysqldatabase option, create a new database (database name: Joomla), create a

Reprint-Four free foreign PHP hosting services

Reprint--4 free foreign PHP hosting services These hosts are no ads, and provide a lot of advanced features, such as FTP access, support PHP and MySQL, custom domains and free subdomains, and so on, the most important is to support PHP, then you

No space flow restrictions PHP with MySQL free space

1, 1500MB capacity;2, 100GB flow; 9, unlimited PHP and MySQL;10, the space access speed is good. Application Address: 1500 MB Disk space, GB Data TransferWe have enough room for your website, emails and databases. All my

Selection of foreign free PHP space recommendations

Featured Foreign free PHP space recommendations Featured Foreign free PHP space recommendations 000webhost–1500m support PHP free web Hosting Free 1500M space, 100G traffic, FTP, web upload management files, support PHP5, provide 2 MySQL database,

Reprinted-four free foreign php host services

Reprinted-four free foreign php host services. these hosts are not advertised and provide many advanced functions, such as FTP access and support for PHP and MySQL, self-defined domains and free sub-domain names. The most important thing is to

How to install English version of WordPress quickly translated into Chinese version

Now the host Management panel, all provide a key to quickly install WordPress, Joomla and other mainstream construction station program function, analogy said cpanel host management panel, can be Fantastico De Luxe quickly install WordPress. However,

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