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Php add mysqli extension _ PHP Tutorial

Add the mysqli extension in php. To add mysqli extension to php, any php extension can be compiled and installed separately in the php source code package. here, because phpmyadmin requires mysqli extension, compile this module for installation. the

PHP Standalone compilation installation extension (Mysqli,pdo-mysql)

php compiler Installation Extension (Mysqli,pdo-mysql)Qunying.liu201410.301. Description of the environment:System: CentOS 6.3 64-bit LinuxPHP Version: 5.3.13MySQL version: 5.5.26PHP installation directory:/usr/local/phpPHP configuration

Basic Mysqli knowledge

: This article mainly introduces the basic knowledge of Mysqli. For more information about PHP tutorials, see. I believe that when I first started learning php, MySQL is the preferred choice for databases and mysql extension is the preferred choice

Deep analysis of the differences between MySQL and mysqli

First, two functions are used to handle database operations. The MYSQLI connection is a permanent connection, and MySQL is a non-persistent connection. The MySQL connection will reopen a new process whenever it is used for the second time, and

What should I do if I install phpmyadmin missing mysqli extension?

The recent installation of the new version of phpMyAdmin will prompt the missing mysqli extension, Mysqli.dll is a php extension of the new features of MySQL, in the PHP5 can be loaded in php.ini.The mysqli extension is missing. Please check your

How to install mysqli extension modules in PHP

At some point, for example, when installing Statusnet, an error occurs: Cannot find a database extension. Need at least one of mysqli, Pgsql This shows that there is no mysqli or pgsql extension in PHP, and here is a description of the MYSQLI

Analysis on the differences between mysql and mysqli in php

I have never understood the difference between mysql and mysql when reading books or watching videos. So let's make a look at Google tonight. For more information, see. I have never understood the difference between mysql and mysql when reading

Analysis on the differences between mysql and mysqli in php

I:PHP-MySQL is the most primitive Extension for PHP to operate MySQL databases. I of PHP-MySQLi stands for Improvement and provides more advanced functions. Extension also increases security. The PDO (PHP Data Object) provides an action Layer to

PHP connection MySQL appears blank page, phpMyAdmin configuration can not be extended to mysqli

The configuration environment is as follows. apache_2.2.6 MySQL Server 5.5 Php-php-5.2.3-win32 Phpmyadmin- Windows 32-bit Novice, beginner PHP, learn to connect to MySQL. There is a problem, search all the methods on the

Some knowledge points about the difference between mysqli and Mysql in PHP _mysql

One: Php-mysql is PHP operation MySQL Database The most original Extension, php-mysqli I representative of improvement, to mention the relative advanced function, in the case of Extension, itself also increased security. and PDO (PHP data Object) is

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