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[Record] install-package: "Unity" already has the dependency defined for "commonservicelocator.

When you use nuget to install unity, run the install-package unity command. However, the following error may be reported inexplicably:"Unity" already has dependencies defined for "commonservicelocator. Exception: One garden friend also

"Pending" Win10 installation of the VS2017 15.3 release prompt failed to install package "MICROSOFT.NET.4.6.FULLREDIST.NONTHRESHOLD.RESOURCES,VERSION=,LANGUAGE=ZH-CN".

Win10 Install VS2017 15.3 version of the time, the above error log prompts, how to solve the wow?This problem, at first I thought was caused by the path problem where my installation package was located, but I moved the installation package to the

C # Batch production silent install package

Making a silent install package using batch +winrar/wait Lync.exe/install//wait vcredist_x86/vcredist_x86.exe/q//wait Dotnetfx40/dotnetfx40_full_ x86_x64.exe/q//wait setup.exe/qnThe batch command above can silently install the. NET Framework 4.0,vc++

Install package in sublime

Through Download the packagecontrol File After downloading, open sublime text3, select preferences> browse packages, and open the installation directory, In this case, you will go to a

What is the difference between the dnn install package, the dnn source package, and the dnn starterkit package?

All three packages can be used as the development platform. Simply put: The "install package" does not contain dotnetnuke'sSource codeIf you do not want to study the dotnetnuke principle, you can use this package. The difference between the

Android Development Note "Program install package APK production"

Resource Source: completing the Android project, you will need to package the program into an APK file (Android packages) with the prefix ". apk" appended. The packaged apk file can be run

Teach you to make XP theme one-click Install package Big home winrar software production XP theme One-click installation package650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=

Centos make install package installation case

Centos make install package installation casePrepare the written c file 1. ws. h [header file, declare function name, not implemented] 2. wso. c [contains the function body. To implement the function, you need to compile it into a dynamic link

Install package for cygwin

I recently saw the compilation of nodejs in win7ArticleI also want to try it on my own. And after the source is changed, many modules have to be downloaded again. Therefore, I searched for some articles on how to install package for cygwin

Open source Inno Setup Download, install, Package tutorial (official website Installation Guide Chinese language Pack)

Install the Inno Setup Chapter1. Search Inno Setup2. Download Inno Setup3, choose to download the latest Innosetup-5.5.9-unicode.exe version (Innosetup-5.5.9.exe also support the Chinese Installation wizard)4. Install Inno Setup: Select the

Android Studio Package generated APK install package to mobile phone flash back

Today, in the emulator in Android Studio test the app is normal, and then pack the APK installation package program, sent to the leadership after the feedback after the installation of the Flash back, the installation to their own mobile phone,

JFrame implement bulk get Android Install package security certificate MD5

Meet a demand today. Get the MD5 of all apk signatures. Here is a tool that I implemented using Java SE. Paste out the core source code. I hope to help the friends who need them.The interface is as follows:Just need to make the. apk file in the same

Ubuntu to install new software, already have the Deb install package

If Ubuntu installs new software, it already has a Deb installation package (for example: Iptux.deb), but cannot log on to the desktop environment. How do I install it? The answer is: Use the dpkg command.The common format of the dpkg command is as

Daily one shell (ix) Yum install package sort go heavy

There are now a bunch of yum install packages that need to be installed, so you want to use a batch installation, the combined installation package is duplicated, so I decided to go firstThe source installation package is as follows:Python-devel

C # install-package: "XX" already has a dependency defined for "XXX"

Maybe the version of NuGet itself is behind the version of the adaptation packageVisual Studio 2013 Update NuGet Package Manager Ø Preface When you use the NuGet Package Manager in Visual Studio to download a program, you may

[Solution] This install package cocould not be opened. Verify that the package exists and that you can ac

I purchased an overseas VPs with the Windows version 2008 R2 x64 servers English version, when I installed the 64-bit SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition of the Chinese version, the following error message was prompted. I tried a variety of methods,

CentOS virtual machine cannot be networked under the Yum mode install package from local (reprinted)

1. Mount the CentOS installation CDMkdir/mnt/cdromMount-t Iso9660/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom2. Modify the Yum configuration filecd/etc/yum.repos.d/You will see three files, the first Centos-base.repo is the configuration file for the Yum network source,

Install package Create desktop shortcut

Private voidCreatedesktop () {stringPath = This. context.parameters["TARGETDIR"]; Path= path. Substring (0, Path. LastIndexOf ("/")); if(! System.IO.File.Exists (Environment.getfolderpath (Environment.SpecialFolder.DesktopDirectory) +"//"+"printer.

R language-View load pack, dismount Load Pack and install package and unload package

In the R language, it is often necessary to see which package loads or looks at a number of similar functions, to see exactly which package is working, and to run the comparison analysis after loading and unloading.1. View Loaded Packages> (.

Linux yum download to local and use local cache install package

Due to network security reasons, the server is not allowed on the public network, there are 2 kinds of solutions to solve this problem1. Build a Yum server2. Use the Yum download cache for encapsulation and then use the cache to installHere we talk

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