how to install phpmyadmin on windows 7

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Deploy phpmyadmin in CentOS6; deploy Discuz; deploy phpwind_MySQL

Deploy phpmyadmin in CentOS6; deploy Discuz; deploy phpwind CentOS6CentOSPHPwind Part 1: 1. install LAMP platform in yum2. deploy phpMyAdmin Part 2:I,Set up forum system Discuz 2. build the forum system PhpWind 3. build the forum system PhpBB Part

Configuration method for apache+mysql+php+phpmyadmin under Windows

Apache server has nothing to say, try to go to the official website to download the latest. There is a place to note: PHP Tutorial is loaded into the form of a module in the Apache container, that is, when you configure Apache loading PHP module,

Windows XP + IIS + PHP5 + MySQL5 + Zend + GD library + phpMyAdmin + PHPWind5.3 installation tutorial

I. preparations: 1. Installation I. preparations: 1. install 2. prepare the required software. The details are as follows: Php V5.2.1 For Windows Http:// MySQL For Windows V5.2 Alpha Http://

How to configure apache + mysql + php + phpmyadmin in windows

There is nothing to say about the apache server. Try to download the latest one from the official website. Note that the php tutorial loads data to the apache container in the form of a module, that is, when you configure apache to load the php

How to configure Apache+mysql+php+phpmyadmin under Windows _php Tutorial

Apache server There is no place to say, try to download the latest on the official website. There is a place to note: The PHP tutorial is loaded as a module into the Apache container, which is when you configure Apache to load the PHP module, pay

UBUNTU-12.04.2-DESKTOP-AMD64 Install integrated Nginx + PHP + mysql + phpmyadmin + tomcat

Recently need to do JSP project, deployed in Ubuntu, the weekend time to configure the Nginx + PHP + mysql + phpmyadmin + tomcat environment, from the Windows C # turn around, how much some do not adapt, estimated to go the whole stack direction. By

How to install phpmyadmin in Linux

When installing fedora, select all the components to be selected, including Appache, mysql, and php. But when we manage the database, it is easier to have a graphical interface, so we have installed phpmyadmin on our own and it is easy to

Install and configure PhP5 mysql5 apache2 phpMyAdmin zendoptimizer in Linux [Image]

You need to be careful and patient. During the installation process, you will be able to understand. If the installation is incorrect, you will be criticized. In this example, under Red Hat

Install and configure PhP5 mysql5 zendoptimizer phpMyAdmin in iis php Environment

In this example, under wiondws XP Iis5.1 Php5.2.1 (ZIP) Mysql5.0.37 Phpmyadmin2.10.0.2 ZendOptimizer-3.2.6 Installation and configuration IIS Installation 1. Add the Windows XP SP2 system installation disc to the optical drive. 2. Choose

In Windows: Configure PhP5 mysql5 apache2 phpMyAdmin zendoptimizer in PHP

The configuration of the PHP environment is definitely a headache for new users. There will always be such problems and many detours. Therefore, I wrote this configuration document specially and believe that you will succeed by following the steps

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