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[Ubuntu] install Google Chrome stable edition [reprint]

Google recently released a stable version of chrome 21, which brings many new features and improvements, especially for developers and gamers: Support for the getusermedia javascript API (allow applications to access your camera/microphone without additional plug-ins) HTML 5 supported by the getusermedia API Better integration with Google cloud Printing Better support for JavaScript APIs for game controllers You can click here to download and

Install Linux Kernel 4.12 (stable version) on Linux Mint

Linus Torvalds released the Linux kernel 4.12. You can download the relevant Deb package directly from here to install. Or, continue reading this article and follow the steps below to install the new kernel.650) this.width=650; "class=" Size-full wp-image-79001 aligncenter "src=" Uploads/2017/08/u33801887553251665737fm26gp0.jpg "alt=" in Linux Mint

Compile and install the latest version of Redis Stable

Compile and install the latest version of Redis Stable Currently, REDIS has been upgraded to 3.0.5 as the most stable version, but many system sources are not updated. Therefore, compile and install REDIS here. Suitable for all systems # Wget# Tar xvf redis-stable# Cd redis-

Install Wine 3.0 stable edition on RHEL, CentOS, and Fedora

Install Wine 3.0 stable edition on RHEL, CentOS, and Fedora Wine is an open-source and free Linux application that allows you to run any Windows-based application on Unix/Linux operating systems. The Wine team keeps releasing their versions every two weeks. Finally, the Wine Team proudly announced a stable version of Wine 3.0 and released source code and binary s

Ubuntu8.10 install Opera stable version (add source)

Ubuntu8.10 has been installed for a while, and Firefox Web browser is also used every day. What about you? Do you want to replace it with operabrowser's stable version? Let's take a look at the Linux community web page () after Opera is installed in Ubuntu8.10 (Click here to see the big picture): So let's come here, start the terminal of Ubuntu8.10 and enter sudogedit/etc/apt/sources. list, add Ope Ubuntu 8.10 has been installed for a while, and Firef

Ubuntu14.04 install the latest stable version Nginx1.6.0

Ubuntu14.04 default installation is Nginx1.4.6 if you have installed, please first uninstall sudoapt-getremoveng.pdf latest stable version Nginx1.6.0 provided in ubuntuupdatesppa library, web site Dist = trusty Installation Method: sudoadd-apt-repositoryppa: nginx/ Ubuntu14.04 Nginx 1.4.6 is installed by default. If it has been installed, uninstall it first.Sudo apt-get remove nginxThe latest

Install the latest stable version of node and NPM on Ubuntu

BackgroundInstall ubuntu apt The latest LTS version through the official installation tool, node and I am a bit obsessive-compulsive, like the pursuit of new things, that is, trying to install the latest version of the node , so this article has been produced, attached ubuntu installation node and npmcommand-line command:install nodejs-legacysudo apt install npmLatest Version Installation method1. Installat

CentOS6.5 install Redis3.0 stable Edition

CentOS6.5 install Redis3.0 stable Edition 1: Download wget 2: Extract tar zxvf redis-3.0.0.tar.gz 3: Enter the decompressed Redis folder and execute make compilation (gcc is required) 4: the installation is successful at this time, and the next step is to start Redis3.0. Src/redis-server src in the decompressed Redis folder 5: Redis3.0 is started succ

Install the latest stable version of node and NPM on Ubuntu

Latest Version Installation methodToday, tinkering with Ubuntu, found that Nodejs is always unable to upgrade to the latest version, tinkering for a few hours, record.1. Installationnpmsudo aptinstallnpm2. Upgrade npm to the latest versionsudonpminstall[emailprotected] -gAt this point npm -v you can find npm the version number is the latest version 4 .10.3 ;3 nodejs . Install the module for installationnsudo npminstall-g n4, then through n the module

CentOS 7.4 How to install the MariaDB 10.3.9 Stable database

Tags: Nobody add iss ISA MySQL enc boot up lov rpm-eHow to install CentOS 7.4MariaDB 10.3.9 StableDatabase one, CentOS 7.4 Uninstall the MARIADB database 1. Query the installed MARIADB components[[emailprotected]_0_9_centos ~]$ sudo rpm -qa | grep mariadb mariadb-libs-5.5.60-1.el7_5.x86_64 mariadb-server-5.5.60-1.el7_5.x86_64 mariadb-5.5.60-1.el7_5.x86_642. Uninstalling the Database[[emailprotected]_0_9_centos ~]$ sudo rpm -e --nodeps mariadb-libs-5.5

Shanghai Telecom's real intention to force users to upgrade ADSL to install the star dial-up software !!

"IT Horizon" [Internet] the true intention of Shanghai Telecom to force users to upgrade ADSL to install the star speed dialing software !! Author:KacakongSubmission date: 2006-8-17 14:25:00 Yesterday, I caught up with the treasure of China Telecom.    Yesterday afternoon, I was still at work. People from Shanghai Telecom rushed to my house and said they wanted to upgrade ADSL.

Linux Install translation software--stardict (King of Star Translation)

As we all know, what is the most effective when we learn new knowledge? Of course, crossing Web API, but a lot of APIs are in English, so we have to find translation software to help. Here is to take you to a very good translation software, also has the word function. 1. Installing StarDictThere are two ways to install in Ubuntu Search directly in the software center Using commands sudo apt-get

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