how to install windows 8 on windows vista

Discover how to install windows 8 on windows vista, include the articles, news, trends, analysis and practical advice about how to install windows 8 on windows vista on

Windows 8 can be reduced to Windows 7 or Windows Vista

The Windows 8 EULA User License Agreement shows that consumers who purchase Windows 8 Professional PCs have the right to downgrade to a Windows 7 Professional or Vista Business Edition. Now that

Install IIS 7 on Windows Vista and Windows 7

box is displayed. Figure 5: Windows security dialog box 5. Expand Internet Information Services. Additional Categories of IIS features are displayed. Select Internet Information Services to choose the default features for installation. Figure 6: Windows features dialog box-IIS 6. Expand the additional categories displayed, and select any additional features you want to

Install the Windows XP tutorial on Windows Vista

Because Windows Vista and Windows XP are booted differently, when you install XP on WindowsVista, you can break WindowsVista's system startup files and go to the Windows Startup Manager window. Cause the WindowsVista system to be unable to use. Therefore, after the installat

Install the IIS 6.0 Management compatibility components in Windows 7 or in Windows Vista from Control Panel (v=exchg.80). aspxInstall the IIS 6.0 Management compatibility components in Windows 7 or in Windows Vista from Control Panel Click Start, click Control Panel, click Programs and Features, and then click Turn Windows Features on or off. Open Internet Inf

8 common problems with Windows Vista operating system installation

1, believe that a lot of friends install all appear anerroroccurredwhileeditingbootentries error hint should do? It turns out to be the reason boot.ini this file, boot.ini this file must be [bootloader] timeout=30 default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(2) \WINDOWS [operatingsystems] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1) \WINDOWS="你的系统名称"/NOEXECUTE=OPTIN/FASTDET

Windows Phone 8 Beginner's Tutorial (ii) Install Windows Phone SDK 8.

Original address: Part-2-installing-windows-phone-sdk-80 Series Address: Http:// Source code: HTTP://AKA.MS/ABSBEG

Material: How to install Windows Vista system with virtual machines _ Application Tips

If you plan to upgrade your system after Windows Vista is available, it is essential that you test Windows Vista thoroughly before you upgrade, not only to help you understand the new features, new features that Windows Vista brin

How to install Windows Vista with a USB flash drive

In general, to install Windows Vista, you need to use the Windows Vista installation CD, but Windows Vista is a fairly large operating system that requires a large number of files to be

How to install RSAT, a remote server management tool, in Windows Vista

Some things in life always follow the rules. Microsoft will continue to make decisions that disappoint all of us or provide solutions that shake everyone's head. If you runWindows VistaYou will surely shake your head and sigh. In many cases, you may feel frustrated because there is always no proper tool to manage the network and ActiveDirectory environments of WindowsServer2003 or WindowsServer2008. But now, with the latest releaseRemote Server Management Tool RSATUsers will not be disappointed.

Windows 8 platform (2) install Windows 8 on vhd

If you want to experience Windows 8 consumer Preview (Beta), you can use the following methods: Through Virtualization (hyper-V), the premise is that I must have installed Windows Server 2008 Format the C drive and reinstall the system (the cost is huge) For dual-system installation, you have to create a new partition to

How to install XP, 2003 under Windows Vista

Windows Vista computer users, because it involves game compatibility issues, or programming problems, and so on, often need to install a dual system, or even multiple systems, so many friends, asked the question, how to install Windows V

Windows Vista manually install SATA hard Drive Full Process _ Application Tips

Netizens say with this not to install, but I just don't give up, study for 20 days, yesterday finally installed. SATA Driver and registration information can be manually added to Vista's temporary directory from XP after the installation reboot. First, our central idea is to manually add my own disk controller driver to the Vista installation directory. This requires 2 steps to complete: 1. In the

Install Windows Vista Beta on Vmware

Last night, we had some free time and installed Windows Vista beta (December CTP) on Vmware 5.5 ). VMware supports Windows Vista beta, which recommends 16 GB hard disk space. However, after the installation, the hard disk partition cannot be used. The introduction to Windows

How to install Windows Vista on your hard disk

virtual optical drive is DAEMON Tools V4.0.8 X64 and X86 [1120] Simplified Chinese version) 2, the F:\VISTA directory of bootmgr and boot directory (in fact, as long as the BOOT.SDI and BCD files inside) copied to the C-packing directory, and in the C-packing directory to build a sources folder. 3, the f:\vista\sources under the Copy to C disk under the Sourse folder. 4, Run CMD-C:\BOOT\BOOTSEC

How to install a new computer preinstalled for Windows 8 as Windows 8 Pro

Pre-installed Win 8 standard version of the computer can also be a U disk boot New Installation win 8 Pro version, as long as the addition of ei.cfg can be. Last month to catch the Win 8 just launched when bought a new notebook computer, pre-installed "Win 8 Simplified Chinese version", and hard disk partition mess. So

How to install the latest version of Vista SP1 v.652 with Windows Update

Specifically, this latest version of Vista SP1 v.652 is still beta, and Vista SP1 official version will not be released until the first quarter of next year. Before, someone on the network cheated Microsoft through Windows Automatic Update to download and install Windows

How does one install Windows 8? Windows 8 installation method

The following is the system installation steps, please back up before the installation of the important information in the computer to avoid loss! First through the U disk or CD-ROM boot system into the Guide interface; Wait for a while to enter and Win7 installation of the same choice of language interface, the default click "Next"; After the next step into the image (3) interface, click "Install Now";

[Windows 8] install Windows 8 on virtualbox4.0.12

If you want to use VMware 8.x for installation, please refer to my other articleArticle: Http:// Notebook model: HP 6531 s CPU: Intel (r) core (TM) 2 Duo t6570 Graphics card: ati3430 Memory: 2 GB BiOS settings: Enable vt (I cannot use virtualbox to enable this feature) 1. First download virtualbox Installation : Http:// 2. Create a new

Install and set iis7 in Windows Vista, iis7

This article is reposted from "feeling in the North" and thanks to Ryan for sharing it. Microsoft's Windows Vista has been released for some time. I believe many of my friends are using this latest operating system. Undoubtedly, this operating system has brought many surprises to everyone, but there are also some operational troubles.IIS settings in Windows

Install Ubuntu8.04 in Windows (xp + vista)

Install Ubuntu8.04 in Windows (xp + vista) -- Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. For more information, see the following. My system is Vista (sp1) + XP (sp3 ). A few days ago, I downloaded the alternate and desktop image files of Ubuntu 8.04. I heard that

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