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Installation of the Apache Zeppelin for the Spark Interactive analytics platform

Zeppelin IntroductionApache Zeppelin provides a web version of a similar Ipython notebook for data analysis and visualization. The back can be connected to different data processing engines, including Spark, Hive, Tajo, native support Scala, Java,

Java Resources Chinese version (awesome latest version)

Awesome series of Java resource collation. Awesome-java is the list of Java resources that AKULLPP initiates maintenance, including: Build tools, databases, frameworks, templates, security, code Analysis, logs, third-party libraries, books, Java

Blogs statistics Tool, Traffic Analysis

The following is a detailed description of the types of statistical tools used by a blog. I will list the final results: Google Analytics + Yahoo statistics + clicki I personally suggest you add feedsky if your website has many RSS subscriptions.

Comparison between AdobeAnalytics and Webtrekk data analysis (I)

Both AdobeAnalytics and Webtrekk are giants in the online data analysis field. one is the first in the U.S. market and the other is the first in Europe. they can provide world-class digital analysis solutions. I am very lucky to have the opportunity

Defending cookies-without cookies, we have nothing (first-party cookies and third-party cookies)

Reprinted:   Before starting the text, let's talk a little bit about

Proficient in search and analysis

Preface to proficient search Analysis This book aims to fill the gaps in the search industry. There are already many books on the market, such as website analysis, search engine optimization, and search engine optimization, and paid search

10 Simple steps to build a perfect business website

Whether you're starting a car wash, running a fast-food car, or building a new accounting firm, one thing is always right: your career needs to be online in a networked way. Not only that, your website must be professional enough to show the right

8 common causes of abnormal traffic flow in Web site and suggestions for solutions

Usually in this case, we will first carry out quantitative analysis, through the subdivision to find the specific changes in the part of the flow. Then the qualitative analysis, to find out this part of the flow of abnormal changes in the specific

Reasons for invalid JS document. Referral

Document directory Modify location object for page navigation Window. Open to open a new window Drag the mouse to open a new window Click the flash internal link Jump from HTTPS to HTTP From

Web Development and Design

Google's mission is Web. In the eyes of Google, all future applications will be Web-based. Google has always released a large number of free tools for Web developers and designers to better create them, maintenance and improvement of their Web sites.

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