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Who's going to be in the dating site?

use of wireless, wireless income so tight in the case of free do not know is the education market or forced helpless;Third, century good margin: One in the time is old, in the operation is the new marriage dating website;If in the absence of Qian Weijiang and other capital

628 in the event of the site is K do you know what is the cause of it?

, here, small sum up a lot of websites in this 628 incident in the reason of K, see if you have these deficiencies. 1, the site a large number of collection content. 2, the site outside the chain a large number of mass. 3, the website title and website content does not match. 4, there are bad, illegal information. 5, a large number of purchase links to some websites. 6, Web server speed too slow. 7,

A hacker illegally steals 20 million user data from a dating site

A hacker illegally steals 20 million user data from a dating site Leaked data includes Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail A hacker illegally steals the Topface of an online dating website and a database containing 20 million user data. It is not clear whether the data has been published, but according to some unpublished p

Chrome browser: Know this site is not someone else can not open

(alas, Google Browser is not connected to ", there is a line below" other users are also experi encing difficulties connecting to this site and so for may have to wait a few minutes. " Translation is: Other users are having trouble accessing the site

To PHP do not understand, do not know difficult, catch URL page code, save into Html,url is also the site

To PHP do not understand, do not know difficult, grab URL page code, save into Html,url is also the site

Business site design need to know

: your site, must be able to attract your target users, and thus bring you profits. So, the first thing a site designer should do is: know what you're going to do with this site. In this process, you have to do a few things: • Write down the goal of the website • Identify yo

Web site optimization strategy of SEO must know the seven major skills

, the homepage plus the page Plus columns page Add content page and other ways to specify the Web site, Baidu is still fond of the regular card  Second, navigation This navigation should actually be put on the above, but I would like to say that a site navigation is very important, which

Quickly increase the weight of the site do you really know how to do it?

This time my site snapshot updated very diligent, every day is the next snapshot, occasionally there is a snapshot of the situation, and the content of the site is also a second collection, this fully proved the weight of the site

Site rankings are not stable do you really know why?

habit, let search engines to understand, so long you will have unexpected harvest. (iv) unstable outside the chain of waste As we all know, a good ranking site stability behind the rankings must have a huge external chain network support. This is undeniable, especially the rise of the new station, in addition to optimization outside the station, outside the ch

Google Webmaster tools to help you know more about your site

Google Webmaster Tools, is a powerful webmaster tools, I believe that a lot of webmasters are using it to observe their site, but there are also some webmaster do not know that there is Google Webmaster tools such a say, or heard, but do not know how to use, today I will stu

Site rankings are not stable do you really know why?

everywhere to play, began to ignore the site, the occasional update site, occasionally a day or two days do not update the content of the site, a long time in addition to garbage space, the spider also began not crawling, the snapshot also naturally began abnormal. And then there are signs that the rankings slipped, this time the author began to try to save, so

Do you know why spiders don't visit the site?

we can also determine those are useless outside the chain, for example, with the nofollow tag of the chain (such as Baidu experience) for this kind of words we will not do in the future, because it is futile ah. (iv) There are complex codes in the Web site that are structured. As we all know, the spider is through t

To see the essence of the site by the phenomenon of the four performance should know

Some people say that site optimization is like dancing on a wire rope, it is difficult to handle, and technology needs to the point of perfection. The person who uttered this remark, the website construction and website optimization must be deeply touched. Can even conclude that it refers to difficult to handle, it must have been through the grey hat method or ev

Site content and outside the chain of people do not know the suffering of its can not

can only link to those pages that provide useful expertise to the reader, and while sacrificing the user's stay in my blog, it effectively improves my blog user experience and blog professionalism-"People are what he eats". Not only I, I believe that we all have the same treatment, and the search engine also encourages the webmaster to do so. So, website content construction and outside chain promotion is inseparable organic unity. And the order

Use Baidu to know the construction of high-quality site outside the chain

Do website optimization, emphasizing the content and the outside chain. Content good to do, adhere to the site theme of the original can be relevant; Outside the chain is the need for skills, you can say, directly to write some good articles to the high weight of the site to contribute to get high-quality outside the chain, for example, our "Grassroots webmaster

Have to know the site home optimization tips

Homepage as the weight of the entire site page, generally the entire Web site traffic is the largest page. Seoer in the site optimization, the home page is also its most important, we understand that the degree of home optimization directly affect the site's ranking and conv

Expand Quality Relocation Site content skills you know how many

aspects of information to expand the station article. Guide psychology: In a state of indecision, both want to enjoy moving companies to provide moving services, but also afraid of moving companies will affect the user, this type of moving users need to guide, that is, the user focus on what aspects of moving things to the targeted solution.   The contents of the station can also be used to create soft text effects Moving the

As a webmaster you know how to optimize the title of the site

In the recent period of time, often by some friends asked, how to optimize the title of the site, how to write the title of the site to better get the favor of the search engine? What are the differences between the "_" "" "-" "-" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "-" "," "" and "" ". With many stationmaster's question, Today I share with you a little bit of experience in the title of the

SEO site revision need to pay attention to which SEO personnel must know

continue to maintain its original ranking and may be slightly reduced.  Fifth: Site content keyword layout, before the revision has ranked the keyword must continue to remain in the content of the site, before the number and density of keywords is best not too large, so as to reduce the impact of the revision to the minimum.   Sixth:

Skillfully use Baidu know to do site ranking effect can see

Today to share with you how to use Baidu know to do the site ranking-long Tail keyword ranking Do the website optimization promotion, the homepage rank does go up this is just one of the basic work, because the home page weight is limited after all, can do also on those several words, and more long tail keyword

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