how to load data into multiple tables using sql loader

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Python Script---Load data from multiple tables in a MySQL database

pay_prod,q.pay_type as pay_type,r.memo as Order_info,Q.dt_col as dt_billupd from Dbpay. Tb_refund_bill R, Dbpay. Tb_paybillserial QWHERE R.oid_refundno = Trim (Q.oid_billno)and R.ori_col_accttype = 2and R.ori_col_type = 1and R.stat_bill = 2and Q.pay_stat = 1and Q.col_stat = 1and Q.date_acct =%s"""Try#连接MySQL数据库CONNDB = MySQLdb.connect ("", "Sysdba", "UubeeDBmydb1", "Dbchkbill")conndb.select_db (' Dbchkbill ')#删除昨晚账单的数据Curdel = Conndb.cursor ()Curdel.e

SQL Application and Development: (5) connecting multiple data tables and multiple SQL tables

SQL Application and Development: (5) connecting multiple data tables and multiple SQL tables Different tables

Oracle fast data load method-SQL * Loader

Oracle can quickly load data, which is much faster than the previous batch Insertion Method (1 kW records took nearly 2 minutes ). Prepare data files Generate 1 million records in the memory vector and write them to the specified data file. # Include # Include # Include # I

Using stored procedures in MySQL to return data information for querying multiple tables

) *6+cast (substring (idnumber,Ten,1) asUNSIGNED) *3+cast (substring (idnumber, One,1) asUNSIGNED) *7+cast (substring (idnumber, A,1) asUNSIGNED) *9+cast (substring (idnumber, -,1) asUNSIGNED) *Ten+cast (substring (idnumber, -,1) asUNSIGNED) *5+cast (substring (idnumber, the,1) asUNSIGNED) *8+cast (substring (idnumber, -,1) asUNSIGNED) *4+cast (substring (idnumber, -,1) asUNSIGNED) *2; Setremainder = MOD (Sigma, One); SetVerify = ( Caseremainder when0Then'1'When1Then'0'When2Then'X'When3Then'9' w

Create multiple temporary tables in SQL using with with

Label:CREATE PROC [dbo].[Sp_visitcount]( @count INT) as BEGINDECLARE @current DATETIMESET @current=GETDATE(); withtodayvisittable as( SELECTCorpname,COUNT(Corpname) asTodayvisit fromdbo. VisitrecordsWHERE Year(Visittime)= Year(@current) and MONTH(Visittime)=MONTH(@current) and Day(Visittime)= Day(@current) GROUP bycorpname), totalvisittable as( SELECTCorpname,COUNT(Corpname) asTotalvisit fromdbo. VisitrecordsGROUP bycorpname), QUERY as ( SELECTRow_number () Over(ORDER

Import SQL server data tables in batches using Excel files in

= "file size:" + (inputfile. postedfile. contentlength/1024). tostring () + "K byte (s )";}Else{Labelupresult. Text = "select the file you want to upload! ";Labelfilename. Text = "";Labelfileext. Text = "";Labelfilesize. Text = "";} } Private void button2_click (Object sender, system. eventargs E){Sqlconnection conn = new sqlconnection (configurationsettings. etettings ["DSN"]);// Connect to the Excel Data SourceString excelconnstring = @ "provider =

SQL Server 2008 Spatial Data Application series five: Using spatial data types in data tables

[4], the OGC method on the geometry instance:[5], the extension method on the geometry instance:[6], OGC static geometry method: Http://[7], Extended static geometry method: Http:// Copyright notice This article is an original article, welcome to reprint and note the source of the artic

Data in SQL tables exports multiple Excel files conditionally

The fact that the data in the SQL Server table is exported conditionally to multiple Excel files is what we want to introduce in this article, in a SQL Server database operation, you ne

Oracle Tutorial: using SQL * Loader for high-speed Batch Data Loading

1. The control file contains the data to be loaded. First, create a test table. SQL> showUser USERIs"ING" SQL>CreateTableDept 2 (deptno number (10)ConstraintDept_pkPrimaryKey, 3 dname varchar2 (20 ), 4 loc varchar2 (20 )); The table has been created. Create a control file (including the loaded data) [Oracl

Emptying data for all tables in a database using SQL statements

Tags: emptying data for all tables in a database using SQL statementsRecently found that the database is too large, the space is not enough, so it is intended to complete the database of data cleanup, but the table is very many, o

Using Oracle SQL Loader to bulk import data

One of the most important preparations in performance testing is preparing test data. Before performing a performance test, make sure that you have enough data in your test database to test it. For data preparation, sometimes I use LoadRunner to generate the appropriate scri

How to import data to oracle database using SQL * loader, loaderoracle

How to import data to oracle database using SQL * loader, loaderoracle When you need to import massive data into the database, the efficiency of using the graphical interface tool is very low. Here we will briefly introduce how

In multiple data using dynamic SQL to pass in a string

Label: 1. Dynamic SQL Incoming stringCREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE p_test (V_str VARCHAR2) as TYPE Cur_type is REF CURSOR ;c_fzt Cur_type;V_sql VARCHAR2( -);V_JRH VARCHAR2( -);BEGINV_sql:=' SELECT jrh from Fzt_dd WHERE rownum||V_str ||')' ;OPEN C_fzt for V_sql;LOOP FETCH C_fzt into V_JRH; EXIT when C_fzt %NOTFOUND ;Dbms_output.put_line (V_JRH );END LOOP;END;BEGINp_test( ' ordinary phone ', ' broadband ' );END;2. Dynamic

Sql*loader Data loading Tools-beyond OCP proficient in Oracle Video course training 24

Tags: Oracle training Oracle Video Oracle Database tutorial Oracle Video Tutorial Oracle Video tutorial goals NBSP;NBSP;NBSP; Oracle video tutorial, wind Brother this set of Oracle Tutorial Training learning Oracle Sql*loader Concepts and usage and sql* Loader two cases, while the courseware with nearly 20 cases for e

SQL multiple primary key tables, duplicate values of the query data when inserting data is duplicated?

SQL Multiple primary key tables, when the inserted data is duplicated, are prompted to violate the primary KEY constraint that cannot be inserted by the error. So, how do I find duplicate values for the inserted data? Workaround: Use Group bySuppose there is a table #a , t

SSSIs: Use multicast Task in SSIS to write data source data to multiple target tables at the same time

each time will first Truncate, but also need to back up every time from a data extracted, this time also can use multicast. Each time the data is extracted from A, the data is directed to B's backup table by multicast. The third, similar to the second, is that there is no backup table, but you need to keep some of the loaded Audit information

SQL multi-table query data merging and paging details multiple tables with different structures

If the structures of multiple tables are different, it seems impossible to query the results of multiple tables together! For example, Table If the structures of multiple tables are different, it seems impossible to query the resu

Export multiple Excel files in batches based on conditions in SQL tables

))+'.xls "-c-q-S" ServerName "-U" sa "-P" SAPASSWORD "-d" DBName "'-- Query conditions that meet the conditions record and save it to the xls file-- Execute the assembled statement using the stored procedure of the xp_cmdshell System (enable the cmdshell component in advance using the advanced Option Switch)Exec master .. xp_mongoshell @

Creation of tables for SQL Server databases with manipulation of data tables using T-SQL statements

', ' 95 ', ' running ') 7. Query average score?Select AVG (score) as average scoreFrom Student-18. Query the surname Zhang?SELECT * FROM Student-1Where name like ' Zhang% '9. Use truncate to delete all dataTRUNCATE TABLE Student-1 Write so many examples just hope that everyone ingenious, this case is a student score table to do the demonstration, in exchange for other tables, the syntax is the same, this a

New SQL can be followed by a Where condition (multiple tables associated with new and replicated data)

Tags: int table date from table association Here you must copy the insert1. When adding data to SQL, you must have the condition that the Insert field is in the table in the (Select) field.INSERT INTO table_name (V1,V2,V3) VALUES (select a,b,c from query table where condition)2. This

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