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Packet tracer 5.2 Lab (12) configuration of the standard IP Address Access Control List

I. Lab Objectives Understand the principles and functions of the standard IP Address Access Control List; Measure the test taker's knowledge about how to configure the serial number of the standard IP Address Access Control List; Ii.

Ssh:could not resolve hostname devsrv:name or service not known

Ubuntu down SCP Error: ssh:could not resolve hostname devsrv:name or service not known Workaround: You need to add the Devsrv IP to the filename/etc/hosts. Additional /etc/hosts file function: 1. About/etc/hosts, host name and IP configuration

about hostname and FQDN differences and how to get and set

Many applications will involve FQDNsWhat is the difference between a fqnd and a host that the salt gets to be different?The FQDNYou can ' t change the FQDN (as returned by hostname--fqdn) or the DNS domain name (as returned by DnsDomainName) with

/etc/hosts file configuration method under Linux operating system

1, about/etc/host, hostname and IP configuration file Hosts-the static table lookup for host name (host-Name query-still tables) Hosts file is a Linux system responsible for the rapid resolution of IP address and domain name files, in ASCII format

Linux View IP address, display too NIC configuration, network device

Ifconfig eth0 shows the configuration of an Ethernet card Ifup eth0 enable a ' eth0 ' network device Ifdown eth0 disables a ' eth0 ' network device Ifconfig eth0 netmask control IP Address Ifconfig eth0 promisc set '

Packet tracer 5.2 Lab (14th) Network Address Translation NAT configuration

I. Lab Objectives Understand the principles and functions of NAT network address translation; Master static Nat configurations to enable LAN access to the Internet; Ii. Lab background To publish the WWW Service, the company now

Checking the IP address of dial-up Internet

With the rapid popularization of the Internet in the world, the number of Internet access is more and more. Among them, the majority of people through the ordinary telephone line dial-up Internet. We know that every computer that is connected to the

MPLS principles and application implementation based on Cisco technology (I)

MPLS appears because the existing route selection and forwarding technologies cannot cope with the increasing internet route tables. the advantage of ATM technology over IP technology lies in the fast forwarding of ATM cells. The advantage of IP

Best practices for website acceleration-reducing DNS Lookup

Refer:Http://   DNSJust like the phone book, search for the specified website'sIPAddress. Search onceDNSGenerally20-120Milliseconds.   The Domain Name System (DNS) maps hostnames to IPAddresses,

Internet query in the network programming-java

PremiseIn-depth understanding of URLs, URIs and other concepts, or learning about socket-related knowledge, it is necessary to systematically understand some of the Internet-related basic knowledge.Internet addressA device connected to the Internet (

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