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How to use iTunes to create iPhone album art

There is a lack of music in life, because music can always bring people a pleasant mood. Fortunately, Steve Jobs transplanted the powerful IPOD music player to the iPhone, allowing us to continue listening to the dancing notes that fly from the headset using the iPhone. This tutorial teaches you how to use iTunes to create iPhone albums and covers. The following is a detailed tutorial: 1. Download your favorite music

How the iphone uses itunes to add album images to songs

The first step, we installed in the computer open itunes, and then the following force shows we click on the "Music library" and then find the song to operate, and then right-click on the need to add lyrics to the song name, in the pop-up menu, click "Show Introduction." In the second step, we click the "illustrations" option in the pop-up dialog box. The third step, and then in the Open Illustrations tab, click on the "Add", and then

Make a unique album with MTV electronic Photo album Software

expression, arbitrarily modify the function of editing, fast retrieval methods, never fade the long-lasting preservation characteristics, as well as the advantages of cheap replication distribution. Make an MTV electronic album first to get digitized pictures, that is, picture files. With a digital camera, you can get an electronic picture file directly. You can also use a normal camera to shoot, through

The video album function will teach you to make a graduation album

every year in June, is a mixed feelings of the graduation season, in this important moment, we commemorate the form no longer rigidly adhere to the simple graduation photo, but want to have a souvenir of the graduation of the Electronic yearbook, for people who have not contacted the production software, the choice will be the shadow ( is a very good choice. When we set up the template of the commemorative album, we can be

How do Apple phones use itunes to make ringing calls

First step: In the itunes music list (new itunes please use the shortcut key Ctrl S, open the left side of the sidebar to select the song you want as a ringtone, right-click, select "Show Introduction", Enter the "Options", which have "Start time", "Stop Time", random interception of a period of less than 45 seconds ( Generally only select "Stop Time" and fill out "0:30" and so on, click OK. If you think t

Make Iphone[ios] Ringtones with itunes

Environment: OS X 10.9.5 | ITunes 11.4Step one: Import the MP3 you want to make a ringtone into the itunes library [or play the MP3 directly in itunes, the default itunes will automatically import]Then, it's a good idea to know when to intercept MP3 (start time and cutoff ti

Use itunes to make phone ringtones for iphone5/5s

There are many channels for downloading ringtones, if the ringtone is downloaded directly from the phone, it does not need itunes as a tool to upload, but the time we surf the internet is more on the computer, and sometimes we will make some ringtones, then we need to use this itunes tool. steps to upload ringtones to iphone5 using

Make a dynamic music photo album easily with PowerPoint2007

Using the PowerPoint2007 album feature, we can easily make our own photos into a dynamic album with music. Let's try it now! In the PowerPoint2007 Insert tab, click "Album-new album." Diagram: PowerPoint2007 new album

Beaver Nest Electronic album making software How to make video?

Beaver Nest Electronic album making software How to make video? Most of the time, when we use PPT to show our work or study, we will insert pictures or videos. We can use PowerPoint to make a beautiful ppt album, open the PPT blank document, through the "Insert" → "album", t

Make a fine professional electronic photo album with PPT

There are a lot of software on the Internet to make electronic albums, in fact, PowerPoint also makes it easy to produce professional electronic albums, early PowerPoint did not provide this feature, only in the version after PowerPoint 2002, the feature is provided, This article takes PowerPoint 2002 as an example to introduce the specific production of the past. Action steps are as follows: 1. Start PowerPoint 2002 and create a new blank presentat

Digital Master to make high-definition MTV electronic album Graphics and text tutorial

1, the introduction of the production of MTV electronic album Photo material Digital Master has five great effects are very beautiful album types, that is, this machine album, lock screen albums, gift package albums, video albums, Web albums and so on. To make an MTV electronic

How does a digital master make a video photo album?

Usually go out to travel, or take photos, there is a wood is very worth souvenir? So have you ever thought of making these photos into a video album to collect them? If you want, follow me. How to use the Digital Master Free Edition to make a beautiful video album. Digital Master is the longest development, the most powerful feature of the best multimedia elect

PS make album automatic page flipping gif animation dynamic effect detailed tutorial

Good home, for a long time did not very good communication. Put your favorite photos into your own design album, let her automatically page by page to you to see if it is very comfortable AH ~ ~, but this album Seemingly simple, in fact, is not very good to do oh ~ Now the web search, now really like to page the animation album I did not search at least. Given

Digital Master make Baby electronic album

  Digital Master How to make children's baby electronic album Graphics and text tutorial: 1, the introduction of the baby's photos, recording the baby's growth process The number of photos added by the digital master is unrestricted. Just click on the big button in the middle of the photo list or the "Add Photo" button to add the photo. We can write a detailed description of each baby's photo, re

Use WPS Demo and plugin to make personal image album quickly

WPS in WPS Office demonstrates that in addition to being able to make PPT, you can quickly create a personal image album, but you need to download and install a related plugin first. Log in to the WPS plugin Zone ( in the browser, search for the "Create Image" plug-in, and then click the "Install to WPS" button to download the installation. Start WPS demo, first in the menu, selec

How to make an electronic album in PowerPoint

How to make an electronic album in PowerPoint First, open PowerPoint 2003, and create a new blank presentation. Second, click the fourth "Insert" button on the left of the toolbar, and perform the "Insert → picture → new album" Command to open the album dialog box. If the picture is saved on disk, click the File

Digital Master how to make photo album video or taobao baby video

1, can download a software digital master, the Internet has a lot of download resources (need to Buy) Download and install to open the digital master add the photos or pictures you need to make a video album 2, add a good picture or photos, according to the need to edit each picture to set the display time and display dynamic form, and modify the set up the name of each picture, comments and n

Picasa can only make a photo album of the Web page?

Q: I downloaded and installed the Google Picasa, I am using its own web page electronic album production function to create a Web album, clearly chose the entire folder, but the results of the production of only one photo. Excuse me, what is the reason? A: When using Google Picasa to make a web album, even if you sele

Photoshop CS2 make an easy to update Web image album

Web Photoshop is very familiar with the software, CS2 version has been released for a long time, do not know if you have used its automation function? When Schiy was looking for a job, he used the "Web Photo Gallery" feature in the Photoshop5.5 automation menu to make a simple display of the page. CS2 has added new features and styles based on previous versions. There's some really great! For example, the "Flash-gallery 1" to be mentioned in this tuto

Use Dreamweaver 8 easy to make a beautiful Flash image album

Dreamweaver In the network often can see some similar Flash electronic album, convenient and professional. The use of Dreamweaver Flash element features, user-friendly interface makes it easy to create an electronic album. Description: Prepare 5 pairs of pictures of the same size in advance, and know their length and width. 1, open Dreamweaver 8 software, new file and save the page. 2, insert Flash. In

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