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Python learns the use of functions in 21:python, using functions for simple mathematical operations

Today I learned the usage of Python functions and how to define a function using Python.And there are some minor errors in the code writing process, which is recorded to make it easy to find the point of the problem quickly when encountering the same error.#--coding:utf-8--# defines 4 simple functions, namely add, subtract, multiply, divide, define function to use DEF this keyword def add (A, B): # Defines

Python learns Regular Expressions and python regular expressions.

Python learns Regular Expressions and python regular expressions. I. re Module 1. re. match # match from the starting position. If match () is not started, none is returned. Syntax: re. match (pattern, string, flags = 0) Pattern Matched Regular Expression String The string to be matched. Flags A flag, used to control the matchi

Python learns the first bullet: Crawler (Crawl Blog Park News)

ObjectiveWhen it comes to Python, the first reaction to it may be a reptile.These two days to see a bit of Python's fur knowledge, can not help but want to write a simple crawler practice practiced hand, JUST do ITPreparatory workTo make data crawling crawler, the request of the source page structure needs to have a specific analysis, only the correct analysis, to better and faster crawl to the content we w

Python learns _11_ classes and instances

function in the MyClass namespace, and the function requires an object to be passed in. So it caused a typeerror error.2. OBJ.METHOD1 will produce an error: TYPEERROR:METHOD1 () takes exactly 2 positional arguments (3 given). Although the call error, but the reason for the error is only because the number of parameters mismatch, thus, an object call method, the method must be explicit the first object is self. Also, when obj is called, the MyClass namespace is not used, because obj is an instan

Day6 Python learns essays.

Serialization of Tools have json,pickle.Used to convert complex data types into strings.#json必须是 the Key,value data type.#pickle仅限python使用支持python大部分数据类型.2. Log module3. Execute the Command moduleThe relevant modules and functions that can execute shell commands are: Os.system os.spawn* os.popen*--Waste popen2.*--Waste commands.*-Discarded, removed in 3.x The functions of

Python learns good websites that are commonly used

Here's a summary of the URLs or resources that you used to learn about Python, including a lot of people's blogs, which make it easy to find resources from this portal.1.'s official website with Python's comprehensive Basics)2.'s matplotlib can be drawn in 2D chart types

Some of the notes that Python learns

changes to 0 , when the unique variable name is assigned again, The garbage collection mechanism of Python automatically closes the file, but good programming habits should still be explicitly given off before the assignment is re-given. 13. file.truncate Understanding: This is actually intercepting size The contents of the are left in the text, meaning that the text after the size is deleted. 14. os Learn: OS.GETCWD ()

Python learns _05_ conditions, loops

said that the entry is generated, the way the generator delays the calculation to make it more efficient in memory.With the generator, you can simplify the code very much, and optimize the memory structure.A 3*3 matrix can be formed by [(x, Y) for x in range (3) for Y in range (3)], while the generator does not generate matrices in memory, but instead computes and produces results. To count the number of non-empty bytes in a file, using list resoluti

Python learns the 4th day basic syntax-variables, data types

hash table of key-value pairsIn the end, it is not summed up, copy other people's Bar(1) Python is a dynamic, strongly typed language that does not have to define its type until it is used, but must be declared and initialized, (2) "All naming is a reference", where the variable name is a reference to the object, and the same variable name can represent different types of data at different stages of the program's Run; (3) " All data is the object ",

Python learns good websites that are commonly used

Here's a summary of the URLs or resources that you used to learn about Python, including a lot of people's blogs, which make it easy to find resources from this portal.1.'s official website with Python's comprehensive Basics)2.'s matplotlib can be drawn in 2D chart types

Python learns the scope of 7--variables

1. Scope of variables(1) Variables defined within a function include arguments, function only within the scope of the functions, and local variables are similar.(2) Global variables, inside functions can be called outside the function, even if the variable is defined after the function.Note: Local variables and global variables are defined in the same way as other languages.If you modify a global variable within a function Zjh,python creates a name fo

Python learns some details

Http:// if using elif instead[:] There is a copyThe Python sequence uses ":" to provide a copy to prevent operations such as insertions.>>> # Measure Some strings:... a = [' Cat ', ' window ', ' defenestrate ']>>> for X in a:... print x, Len (x)...Cat 3Window 6Defenestrate 12>>> for X in a[:]: # Make a slice copy of the entire lis

Python learns the third day of string encoding decoding, collections, files, functions

("Balabalabalabala") writes strings, writes sequentiallyTraversal: 1. On a tall, fast way:Count = 0For lines in F:f is a file handle, an iteratorPrint (line)Count + = 1Traverse 2. The way to make the memory explode: You can play it by yourself.For Index,line in Enumerate (F.readlines ()):Print (index, line)Some other methods of egg-ache: F.encoding the encoding of the file F.fileno () The file handle number, operating system main

Python learns the nineth day, constructs the dictionary processing data, assigns the value separately, enters the Chinese comma .... function First Knowledge

iterations of the object, then assemble into a tuple, or a dictionaryL1 = [1,2,3,4]L2 = [5,6,7,8,9]def func1 (*args,**kwargs): print (args) func1 (*L1,*L2)# (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)L1 = {' A ': 1, ' B ': 3}l2 = {' C ': 2, ' d ': 4}def func1 (*args,**kwargs): print (Kwargs) func1 (**L1,**L2) #{' a ': 1, ' B ': 3, ' C ': 2 , ' d ': 4}Positional parameters, default parameters, dynamic position parameters (*args), dynamic default parameters (**kwargs) in the parameter placement order  def

Python learns the first part of 8--finishing.

Symbols/Commands Meaning Print ("") Print what you have entered. #-*-Coding:utf-8-*- Using Unicode UTF-8 encoding % Take the remainder %c Character %d Signed decimal integer %f Floating point number %s String %r Any format content End= "" Make content on the same line

Ros learns Python read-write text files

: Next_destination=None next_destination=Self._waypoints[self._counter] Self._counter= Self._counter + 1returnnext_destinationdefSpin (self): Rospy.sleep (1.0) Self._pub_viz_marker.publish (self._viz_markers) finished=False while notRospy.is_shutdown () and notfinished:finished=Self.move_to_next () rospy.sleep (2.0)if __name__=='__main__': Rospy.init_node (' Tour') filename= Rospy.get_param ('~filename') Random_visits= Rospy.get_param ('~random', False) Repeat= Rospy.get_param ('~repeat', Fals

Python learns the concept of---templates/packages

packages that store software dependencies. easy for developers to maintain software package dependencies. Add the new packages in the development process to this list to avoid missing packages when the installation is dependent. Make it easy for readers to identify which Python packages the project uses. README: project documentation, functions as follows: software positioning, the b

Python learns-------variables and simple data types (String)

. the case of all characters in the string , call the upper and lower methods, respectively. Upper () is to make all strings uppercase, lower the opposite. For example:>>> str.upper ()'qazwsxedc'>>> str.lower () ' Qazwsxedc ' C concatenation of strings , using the plus sign for stitching, if required, a space string with two strings in the middle. For example: >>> str1 = " adu " >>> str2 = " you Has to more harder!! " >>> str3 =str1 + str2 >>

"Machine learning experiment" learns python to classify real-world data

print ' Best Feature index:\t ', bestfeatureindex print ' Best thresh old:\t\t ', Bestthreshold ' return{' Dim ': Bestfeatureindex,' Thresh ': Bestthreshold,' accuracy ': Bestaccuracy} def Apply_model(Features,labels,model):Prediction = (features[:,model[' Dim ']] > model[' Thresh '])returnPrediction#-----------Cross validation-------------Error =0.0 forEiinchRange (len (irisfeatures)):# Select All and the one at position ' ei ':Training = Np.ones (len (irisfeatures), bool) Training[ei] =Fal

Python learns how to get from rookie to veteran

good code, must be refactored out! First let the program run. Initially refactor the code first Add Comment After completing the program, consider the exception and make the program robust. Put the global variable, mentioned in a separate configuration file Add some test Cases Add Log Module Performance-Optimized Third refactoring, function change class Check your code with Pylint.

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