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2017-9-23c# Notes (index, event, operator, this accessor, derivation, partial class, abstract class, enclosing class, Static class, class and struct differ)

1. Index of ClassAn index is a set of get and set front accessors that support referencing an object as a method of consuming an array element. An index is usually a number of data members, and it always exists as a case member of a Lei class.

C ++: class inheritance

1.Base class and derived class: When a class is derived from another class, the original class is called the base class, And the inherited class is called the derived class. The basic syntax is: Class subclassname: Public baseclassname {}; Public

[Translation and annotations] Kafka streams Introduction: Making Flow processing easier

Introducing Kafka Streams:stream processing made simpleThis is an article that Jay Kreps wrote in March to introduce Kafka Streams. At that time Kafka streams was not officially released, so the specific API and features are different from the 0.10.0

Data Flow Diagram in UML, use case diagram, class diagram, object diagram, role diagram, activity diagram, and sequence diagram

Class diagram, object diagram, role diagram: I. Basic Graph categories in UML:In UML 2, there are two basic graph categories: structure diagram and behavior diagram. Each UML diagram belongs to the two diagrams. The purpose of the structure diagram

Java internal class (InnerClass) ---- non-static internal class, static internal class, local internal class, anonymous internal class

Java internal class (InnerClass) ---- non-static internal class, static internal class, local internal class, anonymous internal classMany people are not familiar with the java underwear Class. In fact, similar concepts also exist in c ++, that is,

Simple PHP Database Processing class

Recently looking at the backing network of PHP video, the main content is related to the production of a blog system, the feeling is still very rewarding. A simple database processing class Here is a simple database processing class, see source

Java Basics-Stack and heap, static, final modifier, inner class, and Java memory allocation

Java Basics-Stack and heap, static, final modifier, inner class, and Java memory allocation (RPM)Java Stack and heapHeap: Random in orderStack: LIFO (last-in/first-out).The Java heap is a run-time data area in which the objects of the class allocate

Designing PHP Project rationally with encapsulation class--on encapsulation of class in PHP project

Packaging | design | Project coding is not a difficult task for qualified PHP programmers (perhaps just a matter of time), so the system analysis and design phase becomes particularly important. However, this article does not intend to discuss and

An article comprehensive analysis of large data batch processing framework Spring Batch__c language

Http:// Today, the discussion of micro-service architecture is in full swing. But in the enterprise architecture in addition to a large number of OLTP transactions, there are a lot of batch processing

Seventh chapter virtual machine class loading mechanism

The process of the JVM loading the data from the class file into memory, validating the data, parsing and initializing it, and finally forming the Java type that the JVM can use directly is the class loading mechanism .1.time of class loadingClass

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