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Yiu Jingbo, Chen: Classified information is far from making money

June 7, Cool News CEO Chen and 58 with the City Network CEO Yiu Jingbo to visit Sohu It "create a Circle" column, sharing their respective information in the field of entrepreneurial experience. Cool News is a classified information search engine,

Brief analysis on the classified information website of the outer chain construction scheme

Speaking of the chain construction, we will know that there are n a variety of outside the chain construction methods, such as forums, links, blogs and so on, but there is a way may be webmaster friends ignore, this is the classification information

Optimize the classified information website by three strokes

Classification Information Network now appears to have been net, 58 with the city such a large site monopoly, but for the classification of local information, or have to do the head. For example, a friend of the "Chongqing Second-hand It Forum", the

Classified information website becomes the new favorite of the Times

Traditional business marketing means has been nothing more than commodity price war, the concept of fire fighting, advertising bombing war, opponent abuse war, local Zujizhan and so on, but since the 90 's, as the network in the domestic wide range

Using insect pest marketing software to make high weight classified information outside the chain

A lot of new pest marketing assistant new worm Friends are very confused, how to go to mass, how to do outside the chain? I believe that many do SEO friends know, want to do SEO, want to do SEO, want to do the fruit of the SEO, outside the chain no

Classified advertising + advertising alliances + competitive rankings are the most profitable?

I have been an advertising alliance for a long time, and I have also been engaged in many classified advertising website customers, such as VEKEE, Qiji, etc. They have a selling point, but it is difficult to make money, it may be worth about $5

Some tips on using classified information to improve the ranking of websites

Classification information is a derivative of the Web 2.0, is a new generation of Internet Application mode, classified information site can be divided into life class, E-commerce class, Industry portal class, URL navigation class, and so on, our

Do search engines make classified searches?

Today, I used Baidu to search the key words "Suzhou to do a website how much money", the results of the search can not be satisfied with another person (pictured below). So I think the search engine why do not make a classification search? Does this

Interview: Word-of-mouth Network Li-State decryption classified web site development

Founded in 2004, and received the Alibaba Group Strategic Investment in 2006, the Word-of-mouth network has now grown into China's largest localized community and classified information Web site, with more than millions of members, including

Li Zhi: Impatient companies can't do classified information

"We still want to be free, and we want every user to have access to this service." At the same time for high-end users, to provide more value-added services. ” the original intention of Word-of-mouth network I was in June 04 from Alibaba out of

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