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Skills in word and execl

1. How to use a duplicate number in Word In word, we can place a duplicate number on the toolbar. Open the "tool-custom" Command Option and open the "Custom" dialog box. Select "All commands" in the "category" column under the "command" tab.. All

Word Layout Tips

Word Layout Tips First, quickly navigate to the last edit location When you use WPS to edit a file, there is a feature that the next time you open a WPS file, the cursor will automatically locate the location of your last disk. However, Word does

A method for quick conversion of case and full half-width in Word document

a method for quick conversion of case and full half-width in Word document 1, letter case Conversion If you have English content in a Word 2007 document, should be unified in the case of English words, you can select in the document to change the

Three big capsules break word input limit

Friends who often do word processing will not reject the higher, faster and stronger experience that Word2003 brings to us, so let's see what practical tips don't get your attention. Some people say, "Lose" can be a coincidence, but some skills,

How many characters are depicted in the kingdoms, you know?

Luo Guanzhong in the "kingdoms" in the end describe how many characters? Below I will list a set of numbers, some friends may doubt the accuracy of the numbers. This has no other way, had to ask the suspect's friends to find the "kingdoms" to count,

Web page effects using CSS style sheet to implement the first word capitalization

Css| Capital | special Effects | web | page Effects | style sheet There are many attributes that are rarely used in CSS, but these properties are sometimes discovered and immediately cause some people to chase them, which is the result of the first

Method of converting WPS letter to uppercase and lowercase letters

The tutorial introduces how to convert uppercase and lowercase letters in the WPS text. When editing a document, we often encounter situations in which the English case is very irregular and looks uncomfortable. If you want these English letters to

Emperor Wu not only needs make contributions dong Zhongshu, Ji-ji, weiqing, but also need to make him happy all day Oriental Shuo

Emperor once talents: Weiqing open Xinjiang expand Soil, Huo disease defeating, Ji Dim heart Worry, Zhang Tang impose severe punishments. Only one person, difficult to define: he bellyful but not a few words abstruse, he licentious and abhorrence,

A letter to the new programmer

The following is a letter to a freshman, posted here hoping to be able to help the later new people.XXXX, Hello:Please forgive me for having dragged you back to the mail for a long time. The first is because the previous section of work is very busy,

Character string multi-mode exact match (dirty word/sensitive word search algorithm) algorithm Prepass II

It's really amazing. It's just a Star Wars series. The reason is simple. return to my old line-algorithm. I will find many interesting things in this field, even if it is just as small as sesame bean. After the previous article is completed, I will

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