how to make histogram in r studio

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The. NET Framework 2.0/3.0/3.5 targets the V90 platform toolset. Make sure that Visual Studio 2008 is installed on the computer

Today, when developing C + + applications under Visual Studio2010, the. NET Framework 2.0/3.0/3.5 is targeted at the V90 platform toolset. Make sure that the Visual Studio 2008 "error is installed on your computer and that Google has been resolved to record it:Open Solution Explorer, then right-click the project name to select Properties, and then "Configure properties--general--Platform toolset" to select

How to make the program run faster? -- Try the Performance Analysis Tool (By Jun Guo) in Visual Studio)

prevent further complaints, let's try the performance analysis tool. Make sure thatUse Release to compileIn Visual Studio 2012, and then select"Analysis" --> "start performance wizard", You can see: We can see two performance analysis methods: CPU sampling Detection To put it simply,CPU samplingWhen the program is running, Visual Studio regularly checks whi

Visual Studio skills that make us faster

It takes thousands of miles. Small streams are built into rivers and seas. They are just inconspicuous tips. Over time, they make our work and learning more efficient, and let us focus more on the logic itself, they are. netProgramThey are good friends of Visual Studio ...... Do we really know them? If you want to learn these skills as soon as possible, open Visual

ASSIGNMENT5: Using visual Studio to make a coded UI test

I. Experimental PURPOSE: Authoring Automated tests using visual Studio's coded UI test featuresSecond, the experimental principle: black box testIii. Experimental requirements: Win8 app, Visual Studio Ultimate 2012/2013Four, the experimental steps:1. New Project2. Start recording, open the test app3. Click Start Recording, then click on the app to create the code4. Generate Code5, run the test code, do automatic testing6. You can

Use Recyclerview in Android studio to make a calendar that shows time-out

Recyclerview each line display sevenIn the custom data adapter, we parse the returned results and set different background colors based on the results. public void Onbindviewholder (Myviewholder holder, final int position) {FileList da=mdatas.get (position); Holder.v.setbackgroundcolor (Color.White); String msg=da.getmsg (); if (listener! = null) {Holder.v.setonclicklistener (new View.onclicklistener () {@Override public void OnClick (View v) {Listene

Android Studio 1.2.2 Delete project and make a project a method of Lib

1. The first is to delete the project method, simply to no friends! Accidentally found!First, on the Select Project page, move the mouse to project, and do not click! Press delete! directly on the keyboard Completed.........2. Recently, the tutor secretly outsourced a project, the project has to sweep QR code requirements, first contact, so go to Baidu .... Then found a project called Zxing, from github to download the test can be used, so want to integrate into my project, online Baidu A lot o

Make good use of Visual Studio

function. If you select a piece of code and press Ctrl + R + m, the code will be restructured into a function. C. Make good use of tabs. For example, if the event or delegate variable + = is followed by the tab, a series of Automatic code generation can be completed. D. Use other shortcut keys. The default shortcut. One trick is to view the shortcut key of a function. You can enter the function name in "display command inclusion" in "options"-"keyboa

Solve "Visual Studio requires the designer to use the first class in the file. Move the class code to make it the first class in the file, and then try to reload the designer ." Method

The error message is as follows:Class treemenuview can be designed, but it is not the first class in the file. Visual Studio requires the designer to use the first class in the file. Move the class code to make it the first class in the file, and then try to reload the designer.Hide In system. componentmodel. Design. serialization. codedomdesignerloader. ensuredocument (idesignerserializationmanager Manager

Make the Project view of Android Studio similar to the Anroid view, androidanroid

Make the Project view of Android Studio similar to the Anroid view, androidanroid For differences between the AS Project and the Android view, see my blog. Http:// The Android view hides some views that do not need to be viewed and merges some files. However, some directories are not authentic, and they cannot be located when creating directories an

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