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OS project icon and default related icons naming rules and size settings

The latest reference Apple website address:, the page below has the detailed use method (iOS7 later)Reprint Address:

iOS project icon and default picture naming conventions

First, the application of picturesThe image resources in the standard iOS control, Apple has done the corresponding upgrade, we need to worry about is to apply their own image resources. Just like the @2x high-resolution version (translator: the

WIN10 system desktop icon into white box and remove Desktop icon shortcut Small arrow method

first, some users after the boot, found Windows10 The icons for the system desktop are turned into white squares. What's going on? The following is to introduce the WIN10 system desktop icon into a white box solution.      Causes the Win10 icon to

Web Site Services (i)

Bo main QQ:819594300Blog address: any questions friends can contact Bo master, bo Master will help you answer, thank you for your support!Pre-experiment preparation:1) Open two virtual machines, one Linux6.5 as a

"15.03.13" Manually quickly add a program icon shortcut to the Linux desktop

Some Linux distributions provide a quick way to add a program icon to the desktop, but some distributions may not be available, or just get started with a release, and haven't been found yet. At this point, we can manually add a shortcut to the

Com2 --- small example

In the small example of COM1, we probably know what a component class is and what an interface is. In this section, we will implement the process of implementing two interfaces by a component class. Create a project: 650) This. width = 650; "src ="

PS Replace picture icon operation

One, the image of the replacement icon1. Place the picture material in PS:650) this.width=650; "border=" 0 "src="/e/u261/themes/default/images/spacer.gif "style=" Background:url ("/e/u261/ Lang/zh-cn/images/localimage.png ") no-repeat center;border:1

Forcibly replace EXE file icon

To be honest, it is not entirely infeasible to replace the icon with an ordinary method, and of course it is not entirely feasible. This seemingly simple problem is not so easy to solve, why someone modified the EXE icon always failed, in fact, he

Convert latex JPG to EPS

Use latex to insert images in pdf. The most convenient format is EPS. Because JPG format is common, it is necessary to convert JPG to EPS. In Windows, there seems to be very few tools to achieve this conversion, but Google cannot find anything. I

10 free icon generator webpage designer, free enterprise icon Generator

10 free icon generator webpage designer, free enterprise icon Generator In this presentation, we provide the best web designer 10 icon generator. These icon generators are free to use, and some are with advanced features that will help you generate

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