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Major concept change: knowledge marketing

Original article: The rise of the knowledge economy indicates that economic activities of human society are gradually getting rid of resource constraints, so as to achieve

Network marketing tutorial-seo Chapter 1 network marketing (I)

Network marketing is a behavior or activity that guides users' attention by means of all the online application service platforms recognized by target users. It aims to promote online product sales and expand brand influence.   On the internetIn

[Reprinted] 13 common network marketing strategies

Network marketing is a behavior or activity that guides the user's attention through all network application service platforms recognized by the target user. It aims to promote online product sales and expand brand influence. In the Internet web

The finishing touches also talk about the small and medium website news marketing

At present, the news marketing has become the enterprise to guide the market consumption, in a short period of time to quickly improve product and corporate visibility, brand reputation to create effective marketing tools. News Marketing has other

Network Marketing is a good business!

According to the latest statistics of China's Internet Information Center in July 2007, the number of Internet users in China has reached 162 million and will reach 200 million by 2010. Such a large internet market, enough to let any domestic and

The nine defeat strokes of network marketing

Network | Network Marketing 1, Network Marketing has not planned on the horse Many enterprises at the beginning of the network marketing and do not have a clear understanding. Most business owners or managers, through media campaigns such as

Why is the network marketing training ineffective?

When talking about learning, we often hear the saying that the teacher leads the door and practices depend on the individual. It is true that the teacher is mainly responsible for teaching and passing lessons. As for what he can learn and how many

Shangcong share everything he knows about search engine marketing.

Webmaster Encyclopedia-Loss of taste: Today's visit webmaster Encyclopedia is the Search Engine marketing field Explorer and practitioner Shangcong (Black Dream), 6 years of SEO industry experience, 2 years of experience in SEM service, has been for

New marketing concept-partner Marketing

Network marketing has brought about a major change in marketing theories and means. Many new marketing methods and concepts are constantly emerging, and even pose challenges to traditional marketing theories. If "viral marketing" is "Please tell us,

Three moves increase your marketing website traffic

Many customers will encounter such a problem after building a website. The website is not ranked and cannot obtain traffic. the layout of website keywords is unreasonable and the structure is not clear and difficult to optimize, are you aware of

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