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Second Lesson notes: Search engine basics and working principles

Hello everyone, I am specialized in SEO, for several months have been in the maintenance and optimization of the massage list this site, and summed up a lot of experience and knowledge. Today to share is "search engine basics and

Seo concepts and methods for website Search Optimization

ConceptSearch engine optimization, also known as search engine optimization, is a popular online marketing method in recent years. It aims to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase the website's visibility, in this way, sales

What is the working process of the search engine

Search engine work process is very complex, we simply introduced how the search engine is to achieve the page rank. The introduction here is relative to the real search engine technology is only fur, but for SEO personnel is enough to use. The

Use jsonp in jquery to implement the search box function, and implement jqueryjsonp.

Use jsonp in jquery to implement the search box function, and implement jqueryjsonp. Previous words:I wanted to publish an article last week to imitate Bing search. However, before preparing to write an article, I suddenly learned about ajax

9 of the Ajax Learning Series: using the Google Ajax search API

Sending an asynchronous request does not mean that it only interacts with your own server program. In factAPI, such as an API from Google or AmazonApplications add more features that your scripts and server programs cannot provide. In this article,

JS imitation Baidu search automatic prompt box matching query function _javascript skills

1. Add dynamic load CSS file does not need to introduce CSS CSS all generated dynamically in JS.2. Do not need additional tags only need an input box and the default specifies a class class named "Inputelem" of course, you can also configure the

SEO Practice (2)--Make the site to search engine friendly

In the first installment of the series, it was mentioned that SEO should be based on data and a little bit of preparation for writing some data. Although the data is very important, but its role can only be auxiliary: The discovery of problems,

Hing Xinpeng: Baidu Search Algorithm Summary-keyword segmentation algorithm

This article to connect the above Baidu algorithm summary details please click: Hing Xinpeng: Baidu algorithm Summary First, about Chinese participle: 1. Chinese Word Segmentation difficulty analysis First of all to explain the following is:

Baidu front-end Technical College-Xiaowei College (HTML + CSS course tasks), Xiaowei css

Baidu front-end Technical College-Xiaowei College (HTML + CSS course tasks), Xiaowei cssTask 1: Basic HTML coding course overview Job submission deadline: 04-24Important The course tasks of Baidu frontend Institute of Technology are designed by

The front-end Technical College of Baidu--Xiao Wei College (html+css Course Task)

Task 1:0 Basic HTML Coding Course OverviewJob Submission deadline: 04-24Important NotesBaidu Front-end Technical College's curriculum task is the front-end engineers of Baidu for the front-end different mastery of the level of students design. We

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