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Machine Learning Classic algorithm and Python implementation--cart classification decision tree, regression tree and model tree

the name implies, the cart algorithm can be used both to create a classification tree (classification tree), or to create a regression tree (Regression trees), model tree, the two are slightly different in the process of building. In this paper, "The classical algorithm of machine learning and the implementation of Python (decision tree)", the principle of classification decision tree and the algorithm of

Use the Python Django framework and jQuery to implement the AJAX shopping cart page.

refreshCart function to re-paint the Shopping Cart Based on the returned latest entry data. In the template above, the javascript part is divided into two blocks: {% block js %} js functions used to embed a specific page (corresponding to the parent template; {% block on_ready %} is used to embed a specific page $ (document ). ready processing. Combined with the block defined in base.html, you can make the

Python Shopping Cart

Goods_list = [ {'name':'Apple',' Price':'Ten'}, {'name':'Banana',' Price':' the'}, {'name':'Pineapple',' Price':' -'}, {'name':'Watermelon',' Price':' -'}, {'name':'Grape',' Price':' -'},]shopping_car={}print ("Welcome to the little pink fruit shop! ") Money= Input ("please take out your silver:")ifMoney.isdigit () andint(Money) >0: Flag=True whileflag: forI, KinchEnumerate (goods_list): Print ('serial Number {}, commodity {}, price {}'. Format (i, k['name'], k[' Price'])) Choose=

Python Job 3: Shopping Cart Program

#作业3: Shopping Cart Program#启动程序后, let the user enter the payroll, and then print the list of items#允许用户根据商品编号购买商品#用户选择商品后, check whether the balance is enough, enough to direct debit, not enough to remind#用户可以一直购买商品, you can also exit at any time, when you exit, print the goods and balances you have purchased# ideas. part1# to use formatted output# to use the loop# First make a list of items, the index num

Using Python to implement a simple shopping cart

#!/usr/bin/env python#-*-Coding:utf-8-*-Shopping_list = [(' Iphone ', 5800),(' Bike ', 800),(' book ', 45),(' Coffee ', 35),(' Solo 2 Beats ', 1590),(' MX4 ', 1999),]#定义一个商品列表Budget = Int (raw_input ("Please input your budget:"). Strip ())#输入预算Buy_list = []#定义购物车列表While True:For I in Shopping_list:Print Shopping_list.index (i), I#循环打印出商品的index和商品名称Choice = Int (raw_input ("Please input your choice:"). Strip ())#输入选择的商品, strip () indicates that spaces

The python implementation of the cart tree regression and its pruning

= Mat (one S ((1,n+1))) X[:,1:n+1]=indat25 return float (X*model) 26 27 #==============================28 # Input: # tre E: To traverse the tree # Indat: Test data # Modeleval: Leaf value Picker 32 # Output: 33 # Classification Results #==============================35 de F Treeforecast (tree, InData, modeleval=regtreeeval): 36 ' prediction using regression/model tree (modeleval parameter specified) ' 37 38 # If non-tree type, return value. If not Istree (tree): Return Modeleval (tree, InData)

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