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Google custom Search to create the perfect site search engine

below to operate. ① Describe your search engine: Add a name to your site search, and description, language Please select for Simplified Chinese. ② Define your search engine: Here we enter the site to search for the whole

Google Custom Search creates a perfect intra-Site Search Engine

. Select Simplified Chinese as the language. ② Define your search engine: here we enter the website for full-site search. (Note: Enter* for the website to be searched /*) ③ Select version: Of course, select "Standard Edition: free, but the advertisement must be displayed on the result page ." ④ Check "I have read and agree to accept the terms of se

PHP access from Baidu, Google and other search engines to enter the Site keyword method, Google keyword _php tutorial

PHP access from Baidu, Google and other search engines to enter the Site keyword method, Google keywords The example of this article describes the PHP access from Baidu, Google and other search engines to enter the

Google Custom Search creates intra-Site Search

Google Custom Search creates intra-Site Search Google Custom Search allows you to create a search tailored to your needs. Google

Google Search-based intra-site Search, C # custom Regular Expression Parsing

Requirement: a search function in the website requires an out-of-site search. Here I use Google search. Custom Search address: The. com and cn search resu

How to make your website the focus of Google Search

, it will not notify you, and you will not be able to immediately know whether it has passed. Generally, you will know the answer within one month, because Google's review and registration of the new site will not take effect immediately. However, we can use this method to determine whether your website has been registered: Enter site: www. Your Website. com in the sear

Build a web site that matches Google's search engine

leave the site link, can make the link forever, to ensure the stability of the link! Written at the end: Whether to do Baidu optimization or Google optimization, must provide users with high-quality, high relevance, useful information for users, only such sites will be loved by users, only users love, search engines

How to make good use of the Google search engine?

returns a page with a keyword in the page title. Both Google and BD support the intitle command.Files found using the intitle command are more accurate competitive pages. If the keyword only appears in the visible text of the page but not in the title, most of the cases are that the keyword is not optimized, so it is not a powerful competitor. 7. allintitleAllintitle: The

Site is not included in what is the reason, how to make the site quickly indexed by search engines

greatly increase the exposure of our website content, Attract the search engine crawl frequency.Five, the site outside the chain problem : Search engine Spiders Crawl your site will be included, and want to let it crawl, it is necessary to do some outside the chain, let it through the chain to come to your

Let Baidu Google search faster to your site

The fastest to let Google ingest your site!These days, many friends by phone, QQ chat to me to mention these questions:"How do I submit my site to Google search?" ”"How do I know if my site is included in

Combination of Google, analysis of the search site some coding problems __ code

The internet has made the world less and less, and most Web sites have to consider adapting to a variety of coding problems. This article combined with Google's approach, a simple talk about how to enable the site to effectively support multiple languages, for the moment without talking about the background of various coding. Usually a website that provides search services involves coding mainly in the foll

Web site title in Google search results in the new changes

I seem to be very concerned about Google these days, talk about Google's two news: "Micro-blog Search engine Optimization value analysis" and "Analysis of Google Punishment website", in the talk about Google's algorithm, today I would like to continue to talk about Google's algorithm changes. A recent news that Google's ranking algorithm began to determine the va

20 tips to make Google search more effective

get pages that contain "Funny little man" and "Stupid little man" but do not contain "dumb little man". Wildcard characters. The "*" number is a wildcard character. This method is useful if you want to find the lyrics of a song, but you can't remember the lyrics. [Can ' t * me Love lyrics] will return the Beatles lyrics you are looking for. In addition, you can use this method when you want to search only in one field (such as educational informatio

Malicious software nightmare-google in search results labeled malicious Web site

In English search, Google has already identified malicious sites or potentially unwanted sites in search results. A few days ago, this feature was applied to Google Chinese search, and some websites containing Trojans were prompted in Go

Simple google site search code

Simple google site search code As the website data volume increases, tens of millions of data records will be added in the future, and the website's own search will increase the occupation of server resources, in addition to setting up a search engine on the server to redu

How to make Google more quickly include your new site

We all know Google's attitude towards the new site, and many new sites are hard to be indexed by google. As the webmaster, we have a deeper understanding of this. In foreign countries, the Web Master calls this "Sandbox". Here I call it "Sandbox ".As we all know, your site keywords will be compe

Concise Google site Search code

With the increase in the amount of data on the site, the future will be increased to tens of millions of data, the site's own search will increase the use of server resources, in addition to the server set up their own search engine to reduce the site itself database query, I intend to use Google's index as the default

Google update search ranking algorithm to combat excessive SEO site

Google recently announced an update to the search ranking algorithm, mainly to combat "black hat" search engine optimization technology and some to improve the visibility of the site regardless of the quality of the search results and content relevance of the behavior. Keyw

Google search will make major adjustments: reduce the ranking of infringing sites

Beijing time August 11 morning news, according to the U.S. Science and Technology blog website Theverge reported that Google (Weibo) next week will make a major adjustment to its search services, those suspected of copyright infringement sites in Google search results in the

How to make the new site indexed by Baidu and Google within two days

Google has started real-time update! Other search engine tutorials, such as Youdao and Bing, are included! Based on this, I made a simple summary of why a new site with only a few logs can be quickly indexed by various search engines. After comparison, I found the following important points:1: OriginalThis is a problem

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